Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Weeks Without Dad

Greg went to Santa Clara, California two weeks after the twins were born for some business training.  He was gone for 12 days, so basically by the time he returned, he has missing half of the twins life.  Pretty sad.  Everyone in the family was upset about him leaving, including him, since it was such bad timing.  However, we survived.

Thankfully, I have wonderful family and friends who stepped up in his absence.  I had so much help!  I had meals brought in every night from my ward.  Betty came over most mornings so that I could take a nap, and a friend of the family, Susan, come over on the mornings that Betty didn't.  I hired a wonderful babysitter, Madison, to watch Palmer and Brody in the mornings.  She picked them up, took them to her home, and played with them until Brody's naptime, in which she brought them back to the house.  In the afternoons I often had friends take Palmer to their home for playdates and a couple nights I had friends, or London, take both boys out for some fun.  Nancy came over a couple nights to help with kids or clean house.  Sariah was home in the evenings and weekends, and had the second week totally off of work.  She changed diapers and helped me feed babies round the clock.  The only time I really had to go it alone was at night, and I even had offers to help with that.  Everyone was so great, so great in fact, that I didn't even have to ask for the help.  The Relief Society President insisted on bringing in meals.  My friend Tennisa set up a schedule for babysitting and contacted friends in the ward to fill in spots.  (Honestly, I would be very happy spending my whole life in the 27th Ward; they really embody what it means to be a "ward family.")  And my family just showed up and asked me what they could do.  I am so lucky to have such great support in my life!  I'm pretty sure I would have been rocking back and forth, huddled in a corner, without everyone's help.

Greg had a great time on his trip.  He was able to meet up with an old co-worker and friend and they hung out together most nights.  He also met up with his cousin who lives nearby for a couple fun nights on the town.  And he went sightseeing in San Fransisco with a few fellow trainees over the weekend.  They saw the San Fransisco Bridge and went on a tour of the city on segways.  I think he might have got the better end of the deal.  But, he did miss us all and was very happy to come home.

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Rie Pie said...

You are a rock star!! Even with all of the help, I'm sure I would have been rocking back and forth in the corner.