Friday, August 31, 2012

Sew Cute

I  consider myself a fairly crafty person, however, I will readily admit that sewing is not my forte.  This lack of ability is not from a lack of trying.  Using a needle and thread just does not come naturally to me.  So imagine my delight when my talented seamstress friends and family kindly, and successfully, sew for me.  I outright told my best bud Jenn that I wanted her to sew me a couple carseat covers for my shower gift and she generously obliged.  Aren't they super adorable?  I get just as many compliments on our carseat covers as I do on our actual babies when we go out in public.

And one day when I mentioned to Grandma Betty that I needed to purchase another cover for our Boppies, so that I could wash the current ones in use, she said she thought she could sew them herself.  She made her own pattern and sewed up these cute things within a couple days.  I actually like them better than the original covers, the patterns are fun and the fabric is much softer.  (Boppies have proven to be a huge help with the twins when having to nurse and prop up a baby with a bottle at the same time.)

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