Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Month Old Twins

The twins turned a month old on the 24th.  The month has just flown by; honestly, it's been a bit of a blur.  The babies are doing a great job growing.  They each weigh about 8 pounds and are around 22 inches long.  They both caught up to their big brothers' birth sizes by their actual due date.  Seems they just needed to be born in order to have all the room they needed to grow.  They have been eating nonstop.  They are definitely going through a growth spurt right now.  Twins have proven to be a lot of work, but for sure, they are are worth the effort and are so much fun to have around.  We all just adore Archer and Avonlea.  This is what is going on with the twins at one month of age.

Archer - Archer is such a sweet baby boy.  He is almost always content and has a very calm disposition.  He eats a little less than his sister, and is a little longer and leaner.  When awake he is happy to just chill and look around.

He has learned: to nurse, burp, and lift his head for a short period of time.
He likes: nursing (more than his sister), relaxing and sleeping
He dislikes: baths, being burped, being in the carseat
Things he does that makes us laugh: a lot of grunting - whether he's happy or fussing, wrinkles his forehead often

Avonlea - Avonlea is already a little diva.  She likes to get all the attention of whoever is around.  She has quite a temper too, and will let you know, very adamantly if she is unhappy.  She has a lot of spunk and we love her for it.  She is always hungry.  She has chunked up a lot during her first month and consequently has grown some big round cheeks and a few chins to go with it.

She has learned: to nurse, burp, and lift her head for a short period of time.
She likes: baths, being held
She dislikes: being put down or put to bed, being by herself
Things she does that makes us laugh: when mad she makes a very loud insistent cry that sounds like a jungle bird, goes cross-eyed often


claire said...

They are so adorable, and look how big they have gotten. I bet they are so much fun.

Crystal said...

Love it! They are so cute! Glad you had so much help! I was going to stop by so many times but didn't want to bother you if someone was sleeping or something. Glad Greg is back hope you are getting some type of sleep! Congrats on your first month being a mommy of four!

Rie Pie said...

"Ahhiyaa,aahhiyaaaah!" Avonlea's cawing. :) I just adore these babies.