Monday, August 13, 2012

Life as We Know It with Twins

During the twins first few weeks of life, we have mostly been in survival mode.  I'm usually up and out and back in the swing of things pretty quickly after having a baby, but the twins have proved to be a bit more demanding.  However, they are surely worth all the hard work.  We just love them.  And thankfully, we have been blessed with so much help from family, friends and ward members.  We've have family clean our house, family/friends/ward members watch Palmer and Brody so that I could focus on the babies, and meals brought in almost every night by our ward.  Everyone has been so amaing!

This is what has been going on with the members of Team Hess since the arrival of our new recruits.

Avonlea - Avonlea had her two week check up and is growing like a weed.  She weighed 6 lb. 10.5 oz. and was 20.4 inches long.  She gained 6 oz!  We call her little piglet because the girl loves to eat, all the time!  She eats every three hours and is on the same schedule as her brother.  She also has a bit of a temper.  I can already see that having a girl is going to equate to some serious drama!  She is so sweet and so beautiful.  We, along with many others, think she looks like my mom.

Archer - Archer also had his two week check up and is likewise growing well.  He weighed 6 lb. 12 oz. and was 21.25 inches long.  He eats about every three hours like his sister.  He is a very mild natured baby.  He reminds me a lot of Palmer as a baby, in his good disposition and his many facial expressions.  He is our sleepy baby.  Avonlea is often found wailing in his ear as he sleep undisturbed.

Brody - We were a bit concerned about how Brody would react to the arrival of the babies.  Brody has always liked being the baby of the family.  And he is very much a mama's boy.  But he has not shown an ounce of jealousy concerning the babies.  He really, really loves them.  He is always reaching out to them whenever he sees them saying, "I take care of baby," or rubbing their heads and exclaiming in a high pitched squwal, "Aw!"  He and Palmer have been babysat a lot lately by family and friends and they've had great fun on all their playdates.

Palmer - We knew Palmer would adapt well to the babies.  We knew he would just adore them, and we were right.  He talks to them, sings to them and always responds to every baby cry or complaint with an empathetic, "Aw, baby Archer/Avonlea, awwww!"  He likes to hold the babies and even on occasion has fed the babies a bottle.  He is always ready and willing to help fetch whatever Mom or Dad need when caring for the twins.  He has been entertained on playdates even more so than Brody, because there have been a few days where Palmer went to a friend's house during Brody napped.

Lera - I am very busy these days, as you can imagine.  Frequently I don't get to shower and often I don't even get dressed until the afternoon.  I feel like I spend my life feeding babies.  I've been having a lot of trouble with my body not making enough breastmilk to meet the demands of the twins.  I had grand hopes of tandum nursing, but for the past couple weeks I've not even been able to make enough milk for one baby, let alone two.  Each feeding session currently lasts about an hour since I nurse a baby for approximately 40 minutes and then have to suppliment that nursing session with 1-3 ounces of formula in a bottle.  It is very, very frustrating and I've spent a lot of time, effort and tears trying to find out what is going wrong.  Currently I am trying a medication my doctor prescribed to boost my supply.  As can be expected Greg and I aren't getting much sleep at night, about 3-5 hours of interrupted snoozing.

Greg - Greg went back to work last week.  He was able to spend the first couple weeks of the babies' lives at home with the family.  He has still been waking up all night long to help with the babies like the champ of a husband he is.  He also wakes up at night with our two year old who has a tendacy to need to go potty in the middle of the night, and then wakes early in the morning before work if the boys decide to wake up early.  He left for a ten day business trip on Sunday, and we were all very sad to see him go.

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Rie Pie said...

You're a rockstar. I seriously am so impressed by how well you are dealing with all the changes and lack of sleep. I think you are an amazing mom. These kids are so lucky to have you. I hope things go smoother for you when Greg gets home.