Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome Archer Kayd Hess and Avonlea May Hess

Archer Kayd and Avonlea May Hess joined our family on July 24.  My water broke at home at 4:00 pm.  I called Greg home from work and we arrived at the hospital by 6:00.  My contractions were coming about every two minutes at that time.  The twins were born via c-section.  Archer was born at 7:21 pm and weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19.5 in. long and Avonlea was born at 7:22 pm and weigh 6 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 in. long.  The ultrasound had shown that Avonlea would be born first and that she was the bigger of the two, so the fact that she is the baby in both order and size was a surprise.  We were also a bit shocked at their size, especially since I was only 35 1/2 weeks.  They were both immediately sent to the NICU to regulate their breathing and blood sugar levels.  The doctor showed Archer to me for a moment after he pulled him out, and a nurse brought Avonlea over for a few seconds for me to see before taking her off.

Greg was able to take family and friends into the NICU a couple at a time to see the babies.  Unfortunately, I was stuck in bed and only got to see pictures.  Early the next morning after the spinal block had worn off, I was able to go nurse the babies.  And by later that morning they were cleared by the NICU and brought to our room.

The babies had a lot of visits from family during their hospital stay.  Pappy, Grandma Betty, Grandma Nancy, Aunt London, Aunt Sariah, Aunt Emily, Aunt Andrea, Great Grandma Roberts and our friend Susan all came to visit.

Palmer and Brody were also able to come see the babies, twice, and both times were so happy and excited about their new brother and sister. So far there hasn't been an ounce of jealousy.

Archer and Avonlea are very healthy and have very healthy appetites.  Right now we are trading off nursing and bottle feeding the babies about every three hours, until they are nursing well enough for me to try and nurse them at the same time.  The last couple nights have been pretty rough, as in I only got 2-3 hours of sleep.  Taking care of two babies is definitely a lot harder than taking care of one!  I am very grateful that they decided to come a little early so that Greg is able to stay home and help out a bit.  He will be leaving for a two week business trip a couple weeks from now.  Yikes!  Wish me luck.

I am recovering very well from the surgery.  The day after I was very weak; the nurses informed me that I lost a lot of blood this time, which explained the weakness.  By day two, I was much better and now I am very close to functioning regularly.  Although, I am be mindful not to do any heavy lifting, so I don't have issues with my incision reopening like it did after I had Brody.

We are thoroughly overjoyed with our new little babes!  We love them so much and are delighted to have them join Team Hess!


Lynette said...

Congratulations, Lera!! :) :) I love the last picture of your boys with their new brother and sister. Their smiles are priceless! I am so happy that everything went well with Archer and Avonlea's delivery.

Cammie said...

Congratulations!!! It would be hard to have to wait to see your babies. I glad all is going well!

Valerie said...

Double Congrats!! So happy for you and your family.

sweet nectar sara said...

the very bottom left picture makes it look like you've got two sets of twins :)

*Marie* said...

Congratulations!!! (I *love* the name Avonlea!)