Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nursery for Two

It took me about a month, but I finally got the twins' nursery all sorted, organized, decorated and cleaned.  I don't know if it took twice as long to get the nursery ready because there was twice the stuff, or because I was twice as tired... probably both situations contributed to the very long process.  We already had the baby boy bedding (jungle animals) from our boys' past nurseries.  Grandma Betty generously bought most of the girl bedding (flowers and owls).  We were just barely able to cram two cribs, two dressers and a changing table (we already had all the furniture since Palmer and Brody were born so close together and pretty much required two nurseries themselves) into the small room.  It is definitely tight and cozy in there.  Baby boy's dresser is topped with baskets which contain baby toys and medical/grooming items, and there are some cute jungle animal prints on the wall above.  Baby girl's dresser has a basket of headbands (we received about 75 hand-me-down headbands!) and has hangers on the wall to hold her hairbows.  Strangely enough, baby girl has far more clothes in her dresser than baby boy, even though we went into this pregnancy without any baby girl clothes.  I myself, have only bought a couple pairs of pants for her.  Yet, after a lot of hand-me-downs, two showers, and going through the overly worn and stained baby boy clothes, we ended up with more girls clothes than boys.  I will not be surprised if that trend continues.  After all, girls are divas; in this case, even before they are born!

Not pictured are the many, many diapers packed under their cribs. We have stocked up since realizing that they will go through a whole package of diapers in a day and a half (that's about 20 diapers a day)!

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