Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Looking Back, After the Fog

We had a lesson in Relief Society this last week, where the instructor related personal revelation to a pilot receiving instruction while flying through fog.  Since I was a youth, I've always had a strong testimony of personal revelation.  I could tell of many experiences when I know the Lord guided me through my life, usually even when I did not understand why, and I received blessings for following that guidance.
During the lesson, I couldn't help but reflect on our most recent experience of Heavenly Father guiding us through the "fog."  Several months ago, Greg was up for a promotion at work.  This promotion would put him in the exact position he wanted for his career path.  For the past couple years, his boss had been telling him that they were preparing him for this position.  It pretty much came across to us, that when the position was made, the job was in the bag for Greg.  His company tested all the applicants, and Greg tested at the top.  We both desperately wanted and were very excited for Greg to be able to progress in his career; he was feeling stagnant.  However, when the time came to announce who got the job, it was given to another one of Greg's coworkers.  Greg was happy for his coworker, but we could not help but feel confused and wonder what had gone wrong.

Through out the process, we had been praying that whatever job that was best for our family would be the one to work out.  And with each prayer, we had felt comfort that, indeed, all would work out for the best.  Shortly after the promotion was given to someone else, we found out that it would have resulted in a pay decrease, due to Greg going to a salaried position and losing his overtime and the company's policy on raise percentages.  We then found out that my sister was in need of help and would need to move in with us, and that I was carrying twins and would have to quit my job.  Money is often too tight as it is, and with added expenses, a pay decrease would have not worked for us.  Also, the coworker who received the promotion has been traveling most weekends since he started the job; I was very sick at the beginning of this pregnancy and it would have been very, very difficult to not have Greg around to help.  Obviously, the job would not have been a good fit for our family, as much as we wanted it.

Not only did the wrong job not work out, but we were recently further blessed with a new job that fell into Greg's lap, which he will be starting next week.  It is not the type of IT work he thought he would pursue, it's not at the company he currently enjoys working for, and it does not have the title he has been seeking.  But it will give him new experience to add to his resume, it is with a company with an extremely low turnover rate that all of it's employees rave about, and he was hired on at the highest level due to his current technical knowledge. It also comes with a nice hefty raise that will more than provide for our upcoming financial needs.

That fog often is unclear, dark and just nasty when you are amidst it.  But isn't it amazing that we can be safely guided through it by a loving Heavenly Father.  And isn't it just wonderful when we can look back, after that fog has lifted, and see not only what we have come through, but also understand why we had to take the path we took.  And sometimes, mercifully, we are even given a glimpse of the grandeur that is now in store!


claire said...

Thanks for sharing. It is hard sometimes when we don't understand what is happening and then things become clear when we see and understand God's Tender Mercies in our lives. What a blessing for your sweet family. Congratulations Greg.

Crystal said...

Amen! So happy you guys are in a good spot!