Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big 3-0!

Looks like I am officially grown up.  I turned 30 on June 8th.  It's been a day I've been fearing for a while now, but honestly it wasn't so bad.  I had a great time celebrating, and I think being uber pregnant helped take my mind off of just how old I am getting.

Greg spoiled me rotten!  He took me on a surprise overnight getaway, and even arranged for the babysitter.  Grandma Nancy watched the boys while Greg took me to The Grand America hotel.  When checking in, the receptionist kindly informed him that he had made his reservation at the Little America, not The Grand America.  Greg had not realized they were separate hotels.  He was pretty bummed, but I thought the mix up was hilarious!   We crossed the street to the correct hotel and checked in.  The room was very, very nice.  And I was glad he had not spent more at The Grand America anyway, since The Little America was plenty extravagant enough.  We had dinner at the hotel (which wasn't great) and had breakfast across the street at The Grand America's breakfast buffet (which was amazing!!!).  It was so great to hang out, just us, and relax and sleep in.

He also hired a maid service to come and deep clean our home before we left.  Yep, he's pretty amazing!  It was my first experience with a maid service, and I can definitely see why people would use them.  It was awesome having someone else do all my difficult undesirable chores while I hung out with the kids.  It would have taken me about a week (with my pregnant body and my attention demanding children) to accomplish what two women did in an hour and a half.  Unfortunately the perfectly scrubbed floors didn't last very long.  Within 15 minutes after they left Palmer crumbed a cookie down the stairs.  And within moments of us returning from an errand we ran just after the cookie incident, Brody splashed a smoothy all over the hardwood floor in the hallway.  No wonder why I can't seem to keep the house clean!

On Sunday we had both sides of the family, as well as my best bud Jenn and her girls, over for a barbecue.  Greg did most of the cooking, prepping and grilling spicy honey chicken thighs.  We had cake and ice cream and I opened some awesome gifts.

So, like I said, turning 30 wasn't so bad.  In fact, thanks to my husband, family and friends, it was just great.


Tiffany said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday - even though you turned 30!! You have that lovely "pregnancy glow" and I'm so excited for you!! I am on the verge of bed-rest due to high blood pressure. I was put on bed-rest with Lilly @ 34 weeks, so we're doing better with this one because I'm not quite there yet. (hoping to surpass it altogether, but we'll see...)

The Hendricks Family said...

Good u deserve it!!!! I like the maid idea!