Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visiting Grandpa and Backyard Camping

Greg took the boys to visit his Dad in Ely a couple weekends ago.  I stayed behind, since I'm super pregnant (not supposed to travel far at this stage with multiples), wouldn't be able to camp or go fourwheeling with them, and had a bunch of chores to get caught up on.

Greg says the boys were pretty good over the weekend, which is quite a miracle, because they were out of control the couple weeks before.  Grandpa, Greg and the boys visited the park, went fourwheeling, roasted marshmallows, and spent an evening camping out in Grandpa's backyard.  They returned from the trip very tired, but very happy and much better behaved than they were before.  I think the break was good for everyone.  Thanks for the fun Grandpa Kelly!

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