Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Palmer's Four Year Old Photo Shoot

We took Palmer to JC Penney for his four year old photo shoot.  I had to cancel the appointment twice because the day before the original scheduled session, he biffed it hard at the daycare which resulted in a bad case of carpet burn all over his face.  I rescheduled for a week later, and had to cancel again because it still hadn't healed.  After a week and a half, you can still see some remnants of the injury on his nose, but I wasn't going to cancel on them a third time.  As always, he smiled well for the camera.  He was pulling some funny faces and funny smiles, and had to be prompted to give us his real smile a few times.  I thought the pictures came out great.  I especially love the last two.  What a handsome little boy!

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The Hendricks Family said...

He is so cute!! I love that age.