Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Four Years Old

Palmer turned four years old today.  He is such a big boy, literally!  He is as tall or taller than most five year olds.  He is also one smart cookie.  He amazes us daily with what he catches onto.  He is very hyper, as he has always been.  His preschool teachers always comment on how animated he is when he talks.  Although he is very energetic, he has learned to sit still and listen when needed.  He is very friendly and makes friends wherever we go.  We just absolutely love our big boy Palmer!  Most of the time he is a very good big brother.  I know he will be a big help with the arrival of this twins in the next few months. This is what is going on with Palmer at four years of age.

Stats: Height - 43 1/2" (95th percentile), Weight - 39 lbs. (70th percentile), Height to Weight Ratio - 17th percentile

He has learned: to tell and create stories, to read a few sight words, to write some letters and numbers, to do a cartwheel, to color in the lines, to recognize his name, to brush his teeth, to get dressed, and to play games on the computer, LeapFrog, Wii and Xbox Kinect.

He likes: crafting and scrapbooking, playing with friends, playing outside, going to the park or playplaces, preschool, primary. fruit, toast, candy, Go Diego Do, Dora the Explorer, swimming, riding his bike, snails, cats, and playing computer and video games

He dislikes: going to bed at night, being home all day, and meat (he will eat it if that's all there is, but eats everything else on his plate first)

Things he does that makes us laugh: makes up words and stories, uses his hands and has big wide eyes when talking about something he is excited about, pretends to read adult books, says funny things everyday, silly giggles and cheesy smiles 

Palmer celebrated his birthday today at preschool.  He and I put together this poster yesterday for the occasion.  His teacher told me that he reported everything on the paper to his teachers and the other children well.  He said in his family he has: Dad, Mom, Palmer, Brody and two babies in his Mom's tummy.  He said that in his picture of himself he is holding a juice box and winking (which he also demonstrated).  He told of all his friends, said he wants to be a firefighter when he grew up, said he likes all the colors, that his favorite food is oranges, and that his favorite book is Llama, Llama, Red Pajama.  He calls his stuffed monster that he got from Grandma a couple months ago his "pet," so we went with that for his poster.  He also made sure to let his class, and everyone else he ran into today know that he is now four years old.  We brought a treat (specialty rice crispy treats that Palmer picked out) for him to share with the class, and his teachers gave him a little gift bag with goodies and small toys.  He will be having a big candy themed birthday party this coming Saturday with family and friends.

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Rie Pie said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! Palmer is so stinking cute. I'm so proud to be his aunty. He really is growing to be such a sweet little guy. I am so excited to be living with you guys and be able to see my nephews grow. I'm one lucky lady!