Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream House

I did a whole lot of baking during the week of the Relief Society Auction and Palmer's birthday party.  To be exact, throughout the week I made: three dozen funfetti cookies, four batches of lemon bars, a chocolate caramel praline torte and a variety of 72 cupcakes.  I also cooked dinner for my family every night and made three varieties of icing; so basically, I spent the majority of the week in the kitchen.  I could not help but reflect upon how much easier my life would be if I had double ovens.

Double ovens is in my top requirements of what I will be looking for when the time comes for us to move on and buy a new home.  Last year, we were thinking this year would be the year for us to move.  But as the year came, we both had the feeling that we were supposed to stay put.  We then found out that my sister would be moving in with us, that we were having twins, and that I would soon need to quit my job... definitely a lot of change to deal with already during this year.  And with these changes, we surely will not have any extra money to use to upgrade our home. Not moving was a good choice in retrospect.

When we do move (hopefully not far, I love our ward and love living in West Valley) there are a few attributes I greatly want to see in our new home.  As I mentioned before, double ovens are a big plus.  I will NEED a great room for sure.  Our home is not a good party hosting house, and I love and very much desire to party more.  I really want a master bathroom.  I want the now considered luxury to pee and shower in peace.  I want a fully landscaped yard with a fully functional sprinkler system, because Greg and I have come to realize we stink at yard work.  I want a double car garage; one that opens into our home.

If I am adding on the real luxuries of my dream home, I would also want: a hot tub, a gym, a huge kitchen with a kitchen table that sets 10 people, a theater, central vacuuming, textured walls with a variety of paint color on them, and a slew of bedrooms that I can turn into a playroom, a craft room, a guest room, etc.

I am very grateful for the home we do have.  It shelters us well and meets our needs.  It has a lot of storage space, which I like and definitely take advantage of, it is in an area that is close to people I love and most restaurants/store I frequent, and it is large enough for our family (who this year will grow from a household of four to a household of seven!).  However, it is always nice to dream. 

What would you look for in your next home, or even your dream home?


Aubrie said...

You might want a 3 car garage with high ceilings. I was SOOO excited to go from no garage to a 2 car garage but then I saw my sister-in-laws 3 car garage I was sold that I eventually need a 3 car lol. I love our new home and I love where we are but there are some things I'd like to change, I can't help but dream. A super nice kitchen with double ovens would be awesome, and an amazing pantry, a nice deck out back is eventually in our plans so we can see the city view since our back patio currently steps down and probably my MAIN desire is to have a laundry room on the main floor of the house. I didn't know that existed but it does and I need it haha! Thanks for sharing your dream house Lera!

Greg said...

Sounds expensive. My dream house is one that is paid for.

Lera said...

Looks like you should find a higher paying job. ;)

Lera said...
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