Friday, April 27, 2012

Two and a Half Years

Brody is now two and a half years old.  He has had a huge growth spurt and is very often taller than children a year older than him.  He has also become very independent.  We hear, "Brody do it!" about a million times a day.  He is very much a two year old in terms of tantrums.  But he can also be very sweet and loving.  He still talks like a baby with his pronunciation and pauses in his phrasing, but is saying complete and very long sentences.  He is a lot more cautious than his brother, and yet a lot more accident prone.  He is such a momma's boy; always wanting to be with me, or more correctly be on me.  He potty trained like a rock star this month!  After a week he is staying clean and dry all day long, through nap time and most nights.  Here is what is going on with Brody at two and a half.

Stats: Weight: 30 lbs. (51st percentile), Height: 3'4" (99th percentile),  Head Circumference: 52nd percentile, Weight to Height Ratio: 1st percentile

He has learned: most colors, to go on the potty, to count to 10, animals' noises, to sing "The ABC Song," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

He likes: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, tools, meat, candy, Kool-Aid, pop, stuffed animals, playing outside, toy cars, animals of all kind, bugs and spiders, cuddling, dancing, and firetrucks.

He dislikes: being alone, being hurried and getting ready for bed

Things he does that makes us laugh: likes to make funny faces, cracks up when he toots, pauses in between every syllable when speaking, likes to skip (looks more like a gallop) just about everywhere, silly giggles and big toothy smiles


Crystal said...

He is also a rock star in Nursery! He listens and does everything we ask of him, and he sits still when it's time! We love having him in class! He is soooo sweet!

Lera said...

Wow, I honestly have to say that surprises me. He is not so great at listening to us lately. Glad he is better behaved for others than he is for us. :)

Rie Pie said...

I love my Brody bean. He is always so adorable!! I hear "Yeah, that" a lot more than "Brody do it!". That is probably because I have to have everyone else do what I need done. lol.