Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Responses from Friends and Family

Being almost six months along before finding out I was carrying twins, made for a big surprise... for all. I posted Greg's and my initial reaction at the ultrasound. Here are some other favorite reactions from our family and friends.

Greg's mom: "Are you serious?" And after a lot of reassuring that we weren't teasing her, "I've never been a grandma to twins!"
Greg's dad: "Oh no," and after additional confirmation that there are indeed two babies, another,"oh no."
My dad: laughed softly
My sister London: screamed and then proceeded to wake her sick husband from a nap to tell him
My sister Sariah when I gave her both ultrasound photos and she thought they were of the same baby and I wasn't going to tell her which photo had the correct gender: "That's mean."
My sister Sariah when she realized there were two babies: cried happy tears
Greg's sister Emily who called me after waking and receiving a message from Greg: "Did I dream that?!"
Our friend Jenn's voice message began with a long drawn out: "Oh.... my.... gosh!"
Our friend Celeste: "Who would've thought in order to get a girl you would have to another boy?"
Our friend Molly who had a set of twins very close in age to her other two boys (like we will): "Shut up! Yeeeeee! I laugh and cry for you."
My Aunt Penny: "You know that's a special girl when she gets a brother escort for birth!"
Our friend Ailine who I had informed that Palmer thought I was carrying twins (she also has a set of twins): "Wow! I remember our conversation in nursery about you possibly having twins. Haha. Look what we prophesied!"
Our friend Bryan to some other Elders at an Elders Quorum service project, "Did everyone hear just how much of a man Greg is?"
Our friend Taichelle: "I'm in shock. I can't imagine what you are!"
Our friend Allison: "You will just have to send Palmer and Brody over to my house a lot. My boys would love that. And my daughter will come over to help with the babies. And me and you will sit around talking and eating chocolate! See, it is all about team work. Even better, you now have a second reason to eat more. Score! See all the positives!?"
Our friend Lisa: "Boy your Mom is really sending you blessings now in bulk!"
Our friend Erin began her voice message with: "Lera, Lera, Lera, you are such an overachiever!"

And of course there were a whole lot of wows, congratulations, and well wishes from everyone else. These babies are sure going to be loved!


Chris, Kristina, Nathan and Audrey... said...

Love those! I love your Aunts comment about you little girl having an escort. How cute is that! :)

Andrea said...

I'd like to add my congratulations and wish you luck! God Bless.

Rie Pie said...

It's just like me to not trust something that is wonderful - then get super emotional and happy about it. :D