Monday, April 30, 2012

Men Doing Manly Things

As I walked outside to run a quick errand the other night, I ran into this sight.

My three boys, all "mowing" the lawn.  How stinkin' cute is that, right?  I couldn't help but run back inside to grab my camera.  Palmer and Brody love being outside now that Spring has hit.  And they are always happy to accompany Greg while he works on the yard.  They so look up to their dad, and I can't blame them.  He's a pretty great guy to emulate!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Two and a Half Years

Brody is now two and a half years old.  He has had a huge growth spurt and is very often taller than children a year older than him.  He has also become very independent.  We hear, "Brody do it!" about a million times a day.  He is very much a two year old in terms of tantrums.  But he can also be very sweet and loving.  He still talks like a baby with his pronunciation and pauses in his phrasing, but is saying complete and very long sentences.  He is a lot more cautious than his brother, and yet a lot more accident prone.  He is such a momma's boy; always wanting to be with me, or more correctly be on me.  He potty trained like a rock star this month!  After a week he is staying clean and dry all day long, through nap time and most nights.  Here is what is going on with Brody at two and a half.

Stats: Weight: 30 lbs. (51st percentile), Height: 3'4" (99th percentile),  Head Circumference: 52nd percentile, Weight to Height Ratio: 1st percentile

He has learned: most colors, to go on the potty, to count to 10, animals' noises, to sing "The ABC Song," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

He likes: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, tools, meat, candy, Kool-Aid, pop, stuffed animals, playing outside, toy cars, animals of all kind, bugs and spiders, cuddling, dancing, and firetrucks.

He dislikes: being alone, being hurried and getting ready for bed

Things he does that makes us laugh: likes to make funny faces, cracks up when he toots, pauses in between every syllable when speaking, likes to skip (looks more like a gallop) just about everywhere, silly giggles and big toothy smiles

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Fever

We have very much been enjoying the warm spring weather.  The boys have been outside playing happily with neighbors, drawing with sidewalk chalk, swinging on the swingset, visiting the park, and riding bikes. 

We were lucky to get a hand-me-down bike from a ward member and training wheels from another ward member for Palmer.  Up until this point he has been trying, and not very successfully, to pedal around on his little red Radio Flyer tricycle.  For a little boy who is as tall as many five year olds, this was no easy task.  Palmer is now sporting a big boy bike and Brody has gladly traded in his big wheel for Palmer's former tricycle.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Portrait by Sariah

This was hanging on our refrigerator after we returned from our last date night. The artwork is by my sister Sariah, who made such a masterpiece while coloring alongside the boys as she babysat them. I think it's pretty cute; and I especially love the addition of the boys' favorite stuffed animals that they bring with them almost everywhere we go. Sariah is the best babysitter! And not because she's a built in babysitter (which I have to admit is nice), but because our boys love spending time with her. Brody often cries for babysitters when we leave, even if he knows them well and enjoys being with them. When we leave him with Sariah, he happily waves to us out the window or door until we are out of sight. She really plays with Palmer and Brody when she watches them. She gives them little presents (like last weeks harmonicas) and does arts and crafts with them (so far this has included sidewalk chalk, coloring, and personalized door hangers).

When we are out and about, Palmer often tells total strangers about his family, and since Sariah has moved in with us, he is always sure to include Auntie Rie. A couple days ago, he was talking about our family while we were driving in the car. He said in our family he had, "a Brody, babies, a daddy and two mommies." Greg and I corrected him a couple times, saying he only had one mommy. Finally I asked, "Who do you think your other mommy is?" He replied matter-of-factly, "Auntie Rie." Looks like Sariah forgot a member in our family portrait.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Responses from Friends and Family

Being almost six months along before finding out I was carrying twins, made for a big surprise... for all. I posted Greg's and my initial reaction at the ultrasound. Here are some other favorite reactions from our family and friends.

Greg's mom: "Are you serious?" And after a lot of reassuring that we weren't teasing her, "I've never been a grandma to twins!"
Greg's dad: "Oh no," and after additional confirmation that there are indeed two babies, another,"oh no."
My dad: laughed softly
My sister London: screamed and then proceeded to wake her sick husband from a nap to tell him
My sister Sariah when I gave her both ultrasound photos and she thought they were of the same baby and I wasn't going to tell her which photo had the correct gender: "That's mean."
My sister Sariah when she realized there were two babies: cried happy tears
Greg's sister Emily who called me after waking and receiving a message from Greg: "Did I dream that?!"
Our friend Jenn's voice message began with a long drawn out: "Oh.... my.... gosh!"
Our friend Celeste: "Who would've thought in order to get a girl you would have to another boy?"
Our friend Molly who had a set of twins very close in age to her other two boys (like we will): "Shut up! Yeeeeee! I laugh and cry for you."
My Aunt Penny: "You know that's a special girl when she gets a brother escort for birth!"
Our friend Ailine who I had informed that Palmer thought I was carrying twins (she also has a set of twins): "Wow! I remember our conversation in nursery about you possibly having twins. Haha. Look what we prophesied!"
Our friend Bryan to some other Elders at an Elders Quorum service project, "Did everyone hear just how much of a man Greg is?"
Our friend Taichelle: "I'm in shock. I can't imagine what you are!"
Our friend Allison: "You will just have to send Palmer and Brody over to my house a lot. My boys would love that. And my daughter will come over to help with the babies. And me and you will sit around talking and eating chocolate! See, it is all about team work. Even better, you now have a second reason to eat more. Score! See all the positives!?"
Our friend Lisa: "Boy your Mom is really sending you blessings now in bulk!"
Our friend Erin began her voice message with: "Lera, Lera, Lera, you are such an overachiever!"

And of course there were a whole lot of wows, congratulations, and well wishes from everyone else. These babies are sure going to be loved!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny made a trip to our home on Easter Sunday. That silly bunny jumped through our window and left a trail of paw prints leading to the boys' Easter gifts. They each received a personalized chocolate marshmallow egg and a movie (Brody received Chipmunks Chipwrecked and Palmer was given Kung Fu Panda 2).
After church we had dinner (ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, egg salad, rolls, mixed vegetables and watermelon for dessert) with the Nichols family at the Riding home. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs in the backyard and made out like bandits!

Friday, April 6, 2012

See Ya Later Alligator

This morning I had a sad moment, I realized there will be no more Zumba for me with this pregnancy. I'm now 20 weeks along, and have been doing Zumba regularly 2-4 times a week. But this morning, I knew it was time to say goodbye. I had contractions the entire class. Even when I dialed the intensity down and quit jumping and shaking my core as much, they still wouldn't stop. I've had hit and miss contractions during classes for the past month, but before they have always dissipated as I slowed my workout down. I had to leave class early, and the contractions continued for an hour afterward.

I am sad to let go of my crazy fun Zumba classes. I really have loved shaking it in such a high energy atmosphere. Zumba has made me a happy girl. But I know it's definitely not worth the risk, especially now that I know we are having twins and the likelihood of premature birth is much higher.

I thanked my fabulous instructor, Julie, today and assured her I will be back after having the babies and healing from the c-section. Until then, it looks like low intensity exercise for me from here on out.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Boy... and a Girl!

We just got back from our ultrasound for Hess baby #3, only to find out baby #3 is actually #3 and #4! The technician was poking around for quite a while trying to determine the gender. Her exact words were, "Well I'm having a hard time getting the gender, but it does look like there are two in there." My response, "What?!" Greg's response, "Are you kidding?" She got a supervisor who confirmed I am carrying two babies. Upon furthur examination, she found out that Baby B is a boy, and then later found that Baby A is a girl. We are still quite shocked, shocked and overwhelmed, but excited for sure!