Monday, March 5, 2012

Cards for Massages

My friend Rachel is a massage therapist. She called me up a couple weeks ago with a proposition. She wanted to trade her massages for my handmade cards. I was thrilled with the offer! She said her massages cost $45 an hour, and I could decide how many cards that was worth. So after some consideration, I decided 25 cards ($2 a card) would equate to $50 ($45 plus tip) of services. Doing 25 cards takes me 4-5 hours, but it is mindless work that I can do while watching kids, or television, or inbetween chores, while her massage would require ones's entire attention and a lot of physical work, so I thought that was pretty fair to the both of us. She was happy with the trade as well, and last Friday we swapped services. I presented her with these.

And she gave me the best massage of my life. Seriously, it was wonderful! I didn't realize how many knots I had, especially in my neck and shoulders, probably because I've been a little more focused on other things happening to my body (a.k.a. growing a baby).

Hooray for friends who appreciate my skills enough to offer their amazing skills to me in return!

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Rie Pie said...

Rachel is very generous in her massages. I love them!! I also love these cards, you are so talented!