Friday, March 16, 2012

Brother Trebek and More Fun

Last week, I organized our Relief Society's birthday social. It was great fun; I really do love my calling as Relief Society Activities Chair. What's not to love about planning parties for the women in my ward who I enjoy and love so very much?

We called the activity Celebrating Relief Society: Past, Present and Future. We had dinner and nursery, as always. Dinner that evening was a potato bar and cake for dessert. While we ate dessert we learned about the past, by reading short autobiographies from the original sisters of the Relief Society among the women seated at each table. I made up some little booklets for each sister with these wonderful stories of faith and insight from Emma Smith, Lucy Mack Smith, and many others.

Then we played Relief Society Jeopardy to learn about the sisters presently in our ward. I used this easy and well designed template to set up the game. Greg, being the great sport that he is, dyed his hair gray for the occasion to look like Alex Trebek. He introduced himself as "Brother Alan Trebek," and when he made a mistake he said, "That's why my brother Alex hosts the real Jeopardy." He was a great host, always good to make everyone laugh! The game was a hit and every had a great time.

We ended with a beautiful musical number from our Young Women, the future of our Relief Society. They also joined us for the entire evening, and will also be doing so at our future activities, so they we can all get to know each other better.

The turn out was great, about 60 sisters. I had a really great time, and I think the other sisters did as well.


London said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Parish & Becca said...

I really want to be in your ward. One, for the awesome parties. And two, because you always have nursery provided. Neither of those things happen in my ward :(

What a fun party planner you are!

Lera said...

I'm sorry there is no nursery at your activities. Nursery is definitely a must! You are always welcome to join us! :)