Thursday, March 29, 2012

Silly Boys

While having dinner at a friends house Palmer announced, "I like herpes!" We aren't sure what word he really meant.

"Spiders are yummy, they taste like chicken and cake." I later learned that our Elders Quorum Presidency had taught him this when they watched the kids during a Relief Society Activity.

Upon seeing our aerated lawn (thanks to our very awesome neighbor Mario who often aerates our lawn free of charge without us asking) he exclaimed, "Oh no! A cat pooped all over our yard!"

It took Palmer a little while to grasp the notion that Auntie Rie now lives with us and isn't just visiting. When the Elders Quorum Presidency had their meeting at our house. Palmer pointed to them and asked me, "They all live here now?"

When he wants to be held he reaches his arms toward you, wiggles his fingers and says, "Hold you!"

Pauses in between every syllable when speaking.

When outside on a windy day, he remarked with concern, "Brody blow away!"

Greg (Those silly boys must get it from somewhere!):
After returning from the garage he informed me, "I was looking for a studfinder, and then I realized... duh, I'm right here!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Second Trimester Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy life has been pretty good during my second trimester, this time around. I am not constantly nauseated and throwing up, as I was with my other two pregnancies. I have to say, not being sick makes carrying a baby much, much more enjoyable.

I am a lot bigger with this pregnancy than before. But I was a lot bigger with my second than my first, so that just seems to be the way it goes. I have already gained 17 pounds by my fifth month! I only gained 11 with Palmer (I was REALLY sick) and 22 with Brody (I was sick again, but well medicated). Seven pounds was the total for last month, and five pounds the month before. It sure is coming on quick. It seems I put on a lot more weight when I'm not puking everything I eat, no surprise there.

My biggest complaint this time around - I'm tired. Really tired and exhausted all the time. I'm assuming a lot of the exhaustion is due to having two toddlers with me at all times. But honestly, being tired isn't too bad. I'll take tired over sick any day. So not too many complaints coming from me with this pregnancy.

I have my ultrasound scheduled for next Monday. Obviously, we'd love to have a girl and get to experience all the bows, and tutus, and sugar and spice, and everything nice. We know how life with little boys goes, and we love every minute of it. But it would be fun to have both boys and girls in our family and get to experience it all. I am preparing myself for a boy, so that I don't get too caught up in all the prettiness and frills. I only have little boys on my side of the family, and I can definitely see that trend continuing. So we will have to see: boy or girl? Anyone want to weigh in a guess as to the gender of Hess baby number three?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Brother Trebek and More Fun

Last week, I organized our Relief Society's birthday social. It was great fun; I really do love my calling as Relief Society Activities Chair. What's not to love about planning parties for the women in my ward who I enjoy and love so very much?

We called the activity Celebrating Relief Society: Past, Present and Future. We had dinner and nursery, as always. Dinner that evening was a potato bar and cake for dessert. While we ate dessert we learned about the past, by reading short autobiographies from the original sisters of the Relief Society among the women seated at each table. I made up some little booklets for each sister with these wonderful stories of faith and insight from Emma Smith, Lucy Mack Smith, and many others.

Then we played Relief Society Jeopardy to learn about the sisters presently in our ward. I used this easy and well designed template to set up the game. Greg, being the great sport that he is, dyed his hair gray for the occasion to look like Alex Trebek. He introduced himself as "Brother Alan Trebek," and when he made a mistake he said, "That's why my brother Alex hosts the real Jeopardy." He was a great host, always good to make everyone laugh! The game was a hit and every had a great time.

We ended with a beautiful musical number from our Young Women, the future of our Relief Society. They also joined us for the entire evening, and will also be doing so at our future activities, so they we can all get to know each other better.

The turn out was great, about 60 sisters. I had a really great time, and I think the other sisters did as well.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bunk Beds, Auntie Rie Moves In, 72 Cupcakes, Tucanos & X-rays

It was an eventful weekend in the Hess home.

The boys finally got to try out their new bunk beds. They are happily snuggled up in the same room sleeping the night away. Well, they're actually not sleeping too well quite yet. The excitement is still quite fresh. They spend a good part of the night talking, giggling, playing with the toys in their room and running amok. The first night we had the monitor on and were listening in on their fun. At first they were whispering about Kool-Aid. So sweet! A couple hours later they were squealing and jumping in the beds. Not as sweet, but we take the good with the bad.

My sister Sariah moved in. She will be staying with us for the next six months or so. We are still in the process of unpacking all her boxes, and setting everything up for her. The boys especially, are thrilled with our new roommate.

In between setting up the boys' room, and getting Sariah settled, I made cupcakes for a Primary activity. I made peanut butter cupcakes with milk chocolate buttercream frosting and topped the cakes with a Reeses Peanut Butter cup. I was asked to make 24, so decided to double the regular batch in case any cupcake didn't come out right, or if the batter didn't stretch far enough. The first batch, I was doing too many things at once, and accidentally turned OFF the oven when I set the timer. I didn't realize my mistake until 20 minutes later after the batter had been sitting in a warm but not hot oven. Needless to say, they didn't rise well. So into the garbage they went. I then made two more batches for a grand total of 72 cupcakes in one day!

Saturday evening, Greg's dad came into town and treated us, and his sisters and their spouses to dinner at Tucanos. Yum! He brought his new girlfriend along for the trip and we were all able to meet her. She is very nice, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

While we were at dinner our babysitter accidentally stepped on Brody's hand. Since Sariah was home at the time, trying to unpack, Brody went to her for comfort and stayed with her the rest of the evening until we returned home. When we came home, it was obvious he was injured. He wouldn't move his hand, and hardly would move his arm. He has Nursemaid's elbow, meaning his comes out of socket often, and we thought at first that was what had happened, but he kept insisting that it was his hand that hurt and cried anytime we touched his hand. So, we took him to the instacare. The doctor also thought it was his hand or wrist, and ordered some x-rays, three to be exact, bringing Brody's x-ray total to 34 during his two and a half years of life. A couple hours later, after clean x-rays, the doctor decided it must be his elbow. She yanked it back into place, and he was all better. We were upset with ourselves because we know how to pop it back into place, and could have saved him hours of pain. It seems we learn something new every time it dislocates. Now we know that toddlers will often not be able to localize the pain. The doctor, just as every doctor in the past, assured us he will eventually grow out of his nursemaid's elbow. I hope it happens soon. We all got to bed very late and lost an hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings.

It was one of those super-busy-exhausting-weekends that make you thankful for the regular day-to-day work week to begin again.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day Off

Greg, being the fabulous husband that he is, gave me a "day off" as a Valentine's Day gift. He said he would take the day off work and give me a day off being a mom and homemaker. Sweet! Last Friday ended up being that awesome day. I slept in. I went to Zumba class, without having to get the boys ready, drag them along, and make sure to get them in the daycare before it filled up before taking the class. Instead, I literally rolled out of bed fifteen minutes before the class, threw on some workout clothes, put my hair back, brushed my teeth and washed my face and got to class with time to spare. Afterwards, I took a long uninterrupted showered, and took my time primping. I watched television while eating lunch alone (Greg took the kids to McDonalds). And then I went to my friend Rachel's home and received an amazing hour long massage free of charge. I scrapbooked for a couple hours. Made this cute layout (Yes, that is Palmer at 10 months old. I am SO far behind. Obviously, finding time to scrapbook does not happen often).
And then we went as a family to our friends home for a pizza and game night. We got home really late, so I helped Greg get the kids to bed (about the only non-me-time activity I did all day). Then Greg and I watched some television and relaxed. It was the best, most relaxing day off ever! I loved every minute of it and felt revitalized and quite happy after having a break from the stresses of everyday life. Thanks going out to my awesome husband for being so considerate.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cards for Massages

My friend Rachel is a massage therapist. She called me up a couple weeks ago with a proposition. She wanted to trade her massages for my handmade cards. I was thrilled with the offer! She said her massages cost $45 an hour, and I could decide how many cards that was worth. So after some consideration, I decided 25 cards ($2 a card) would equate to $50 ($45 plus tip) of services. Doing 25 cards takes me 4-5 hours, but it is mindless work that I can do while watching kids, or television, or inbetween chores, while her massage would require ones's entire attention and a lot of physical work, so I thought that was pretty fair to the both of us. She was happy with the trade as well, and last Friday we swapped services. I presented her with these.

And she gave me the best massage of my life. Seriously, it was wonderful! I didn't realize how many knots I had, especially in my neck and shoulders, probably because I've been a little more focused on other things happening to my body (a.k.a. growing a baby).

Hooray for friends who appreciate my skills enough to offer their amazing skills to me in return!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Haircuts by Lera

It was costing us a fortune to keep caught up on the males' haircuts in our family. So I asked my wonderful sister Sariah, who went to cosmetology school, to teach me how to give my boys a trim. After a few lessons, I can now somewhat successfully cut Palmer and Brody's hair. I have done so several times. It really does save us a lot of money. The cuts don't look perfect, but honestly, with how these two wiggle around, they don't look perfect when the professionals do it either. Here are the two stinkers, freshly clipped.

I have yet to have enough confidence to take on Greg's ultra thick locks. Maybe one day.