Thursday, March 29, 2012

Silly Boys

While having dinner at a friends house Palmer announced, "I like herpes!" We aren't sure what word he really meant.

"Spiders are yummy, they taste like chicken and cake." I later learned that our Elders Quorum Presidency had taught him this when they watched the kids during a Relief Society Activity.

Upon seeing our aerated lawn (thanks to our very awesome neighbor Mario who often aerates our lawn free of charge without us asking) he exclaimed, "Oh no! A cat pooped all over our yard!"

It took Palmer a little while to grasp the notion that Auntie Rie now lives with us and isn't just visiting. When the Elders Quorum Presidency had their meeting at our house. Palmer pointed to them and asked me, "They all live here now?"

When he wants to be held he reaches his arms toward you, wiggles his fingers and says, "Hold you!"

Pauses in between every syllable when speaking.

When outside on a windy day, he remarked with concern, "Brody blow away!"

Greg (Those silly boys must get it from somewhere!):
After returning from the garage he informed me, "I was looking for a studfinder, and then I realized... duh, I'm right here!"

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