Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Lost It"

Brody loves tools, and so Handy Manny became a natural favorite of his. I checked out this movie from the library. Brody watched it once, happily, and then the disc mysteriously disappeared. Greg mentioned that he had seen Brody walking around with the DVD without its case one evening. We searched the house inside out, pulled out and dug through couches, looked behind shelves, checked all other DVD cases, with no luck. I showed Brody the case and asked him where he put the movie. His response, "Lost it." I renewed the video three times, and then regrettably accepted that our search and rescue attempts were in vain.

So I sucked it up, and paid the library the original price of the movie as well as a restocking fee. Two days later Brody came across the case again, and asked to watch it. I reminded him that the disc was gone, and that he had lost it. His response this time was, "Oh." He then walked straight into the office and up to the CD player. He hit the eject button, and out popped the infamous Handy Manny movie.

Today I visited the library once again to return our good friend Manny, and received a partial refund. Oh well, that's life right? In my mind I've weighed the lost money against all the free movies and books we've been able to enjoy thanks to the local library, and am sure we still came out on top. And if something like this ever happens again, I'll be sure to check the CD player.

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Rie Pie said...

HAHAHA!! I seriously just laughed out loud. Brody is so stinking cute!! Thank goodness for the library. I have a feeling that place is going to become my BEST friend in the months to come.