Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

We just love Valentines Day in this family. I know it gets a bad wrap, but honestly, what is better than celebrating the love in your life with your family and friends?

Palmer had a valentines party at his preschool the day before Valentines Day. So he and I had the opportunity to make a valentine box. I have such fond memories of making valentine boxes with my mom as a little girl. She always went above and beyond when putting the boxes together, and mine was almost always the best in the class. It was great fun to relive that excitement with Palmer. Palmer and I constructed a robot out of a tin that held dishwasher tabs, toilet paper tubes, scrapbooking paper and tin foil. He loved it! He asked to sleep with it that evening. One of his preschool teachers was sick the day of his party, so I was asked to step in and help out. I work in the same facility that holds his preschool class, and I was already scheduled to work during the party, so I just worked preschool instead of the daycare that morning. Brody was able to come too. We all had a good time doing crafts and exchanging valentines.

For the actual day of love, Greg and I went on a date to TGI Fridays. We go there every Valentines Day since that was where we had our first date. We also love the restaurant, so tradition is a good excuse for us to make sure get our regular fix of TGI Friday's Jack Daniels sauce. We exchanged small token gifts. I gave him a case of IBC cream soda (his favorite) and decorated it and added the saying "SODAlighted you're my valentine." I also made him a frame on which we can write little love notes to each other with a dry erase marker. This craft was super easy, quick and cheap (print out here). He gave me a gift of service to redeem on a future day of my choice. He said he will take a day off work to me give a day off of being a mom and homemaker. His exact words were, "I get days off, why shouldn't you?" Best. Husband. Ever. I have grand plans of sleeping in, sweating it out at the gym, and scrapbooking the day away on my "day off."


Rie Pie said...

That is a perfect gift from Greg. Your family is so adorable. Happy Valentines Hess family!!!

London said...

Okay, I want to sleep with Palmer's valentine box also. To cute. Great Valentines gifts at your house. Monte did a total reversal of Christmas and sent me 2 dozen roses, a box of chocolates and a teddy bear. Funny huh?!?