Thursday, March 1, 2012

Haircuts by Lera

It was costing us a fortune to keep caught up on the males' haircuts in our family. So I asked my wonderful sister Sariah, who went to cosmetology school, to teach me how to give my boys a trim. After a few lessons, I can now somewhat successfully cut Palmer and Brody's hair. I have done so several times. It really does save us a lot of money. The cuts don't look perfect, but honestly, with how these two wiggle around, they don't look perfect when the professionals do it either. Here are the two stinkers, freshly clipped.

I have yet to have enough confidence to take on Greg's ultra thick locks. Maybe one day.


Lynette said...

Oh yes! My husband cuts his own hair and I cut our boys' hair. I didn't have anybody to show me how, so you're lucky! I borrowed haircutting videos from the library -- circa 1980s. They were hilarious to watch because the styles were very trendy at the time. BUT at least I got the basic techniques down. Now I just buzz everybody. It requires very little skill. I'll have to change my ways soon, though, because my oldest boy is getting old enough that I'm sure he'll have more opinions about how his hair is styled. I'm scared for that day! :) :)

Anyway (sorry for the ramble!), your boys look sweet and very loved and that's all that matters!

sweet nectar sara said...

i just use the buzzers and have only recently watched a youtube video about how to fade using different attachments when buzzing.
haircuts for these little guys can add up! (thank goodness hubby just buzzes his down to the scalp on his own :)