Monday, February 6, 2012

Friendly kids

I love that our boys are so friendly and outgoing. They really do make friends everywhere they go. Whether it is the woman in line behind us at the grocery store, a random child at the park or an old man sitting at a nearby table in a restaurant, Palmer and Brody are more likely than not to point to that person and tell me that he or she is their friend.

A ward member told me that Palmer was the only child who attempted to play with her special needs twins in nursery. That made my heart so warm and happy.

And a couple weeks ago, I took the boys to a play place. It was there that they ran into a five or six year old Hispanic boy. Palmer quickly asked him, "Do you have a mom, a dad, and a Brody?" And a few minutes later he told the same boy, "You look like Diego from Netflix." And to Palmer and Brody's utter delight, the little boy answered, "My name is Diego." The little boy's mother then called him to eat. Brody continued to call out, "Hi Diego!" with every step he took in the softplay, and would continue the call until little Diego replied with his own, "Hi!"


BreAn said...

You've got some cute, sweet boys!!

Rie Pie said...

This is the cutest thing ever. I love your boys. They are so sweet and adorable!!!

London said...

Love my nephews. Brody's smile in this picture is priceless. So adorable.