Monday, February 13, 2012

Eleven Tag

I was tagged by a fellow blogger. And since I don't have much to post about these days (since I seem to only be able to do the bare minimum lately thanks to round the clock morning sickness), I was more than happy for some blogging material.

Here's what I have to do (and 11 other lucky readers):

1. Post the rules
2. Share 11 random things about myself
3. Answer the 11 questions from the post in which I was tagged
4. Create 11 new questions for my tagees to answer
5. Tag 11 people

11 Random Things About Me:

1. If I am stressed, sick, sad, or tired, a warm bath is the answer to my woes.
2. I attend a Zumba classes 2-4 times a week. And my favorite spot to be in Zumba is right up front, because if I know everyone else is watching me, I will push myself as hard as I can and get the best workout possible.
3. I am more often than not silently correcting a persons grammar when talking with them.
4. I have only sworn purposefully twice in my life, and both times it was the word "a**hole" and both times it was directed toward the same person.
5. I love rollercoasters.
6. Greg and I can not come to an agreement on a boy's name for this new baby coming into our family. We've had girls names ready since before I was pregnant with Palmer.
7. My dream vacation would be to go on a cruise. I love the idea that it is all inclusive. I am frugal/cheap (take your pick) and I know with a cruise, I could totally relax and just enjoy everything without worrying about money.
8. My favorite board game is Loaded Questions.
9. I am terrified of spiders, and have been known to trap them under bowls when Greg is not home, so he could deal with them at a later time. Lately, my two and three year old, more often than not, are quite willing to kill the pesky critters for me.
10. I am loving the newest season of The Office. I didn't think it would be very good without Steve Carrell, but I happy to be wrong. Ed Helms is brilliant as the new boss.
11. I consider myself a pretty competent cook/baker, but for some unknown reason, I can not properly bake a potato. I've had success maybe two or three times, but usually the attempts end in failure.

11 Questions Asked of Me:

1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still happily married with three or four children (right now I'd say three, but anytime I'm not pregnant I would have said four). Hopefully moved into a new home, a home still within our ward boundaries because we love our ward, and this would surprise most people, actually love living in West Valley. Possibly, I would be teaching high school English, if I later decide to complete my student teaching. And if I'm really dreaming big, I would have a book published by this point in my life.
2. What was your favorite part of school? I am a school nerd, and have actually always really liked school. But my favorite part, honestly, would have to have been the socializing aspect.
3. How did you meet your significant other/spouse? My father spoke at our singles ward the first week Greg attended. Greg went to talk to him afterwards in the parking lot. My mother was in the car waiting, and decided to invite Greg over for dinner that night "to meet her two beautiful daughters." Yep, that's really what happened. And it wasn't that out of the ordinary for my mother.
4. I didn't like my name and wanted to change it when I was a kid. If you could have picked out your own given name, what would it have been? I didn't like my name as a child either. At the time I really like the names Dabney and Sunday; my Barbies always had one of these names when playing dolls with friends. Now I like my name a lot, and would not choose to change it.
5. What is your absolute favorite movie (if you can't pick just one, pick a genre)? I love Moulin Rouge. I love the singing, the romance, the artistic set design and costumes, and of course, Ewan McGregor.
6. What motivates you when you have the least amount of motivation? A to do list always has a way of getting me going on projects that need attention.
7. Is there a famous person (not necessarily a celebrity) you admire? And why? I really love President Hinckley and his wife Marjorie. They were so endearing, kind, and profoundly insightful. And to top that all off, they had such a sweet, gentle humor about them. Joy and the light of Christ shown in their eyes. They will always hold a special spot in my heart.
8. Who was your favorite school teacher and why? My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Rhineheart was my favorite teacher because she helped me discover my love for creative writing. She had at least a half hour of writing time scheduled each and every school day.
9. What subject in school did you struggle with the most? Succeed in? Math has always been a struggle for me, as well as mathematical sciences like Chemistry and Physics. English and Language Arts has always come easily to me.
10. What is your favorite thing about yourself? I take pride in the things I am able to create. Whether it be food, scrapbooking, crafts, or the written word. I am by no means the most talented person in these areas, but when I look at something that I've poured myself into, and I am satisfied with the results, I am a happy girl.
11. Have you been to a foreign country (other than Canada -- I just don't consider that a foreign country. :) )? And if so, where -- and why? I have not. And isn't that just sad? I know I need to make vacationing more of a priority, as I have said in the past. Growing up, I was always disappointed that parents didn't take us places like other families. I know we didn't have much money for traveling, but Greg's family didn't either and still found ways to enjoy family vacations. I still am struggling with how to fit this into our budget when so many other expenses come up that seem more pressing and necessary.

Questions for 11 Lucky People (should they choose to accept this challenge):
1. How do you relieve stress?
2. What would be your dream vacation?
3. What is your favorite quote/saying?
4. How many hours of sleep do you need a night to function well?
5. What is your favorite dessert?
6. What will you ask for as your birthday gift this year?
7. Do you have a nickname, and if so how did you get it?
8. What is best and the worst book you have ever read?
9. What is something you would like to learn how to do?
10. What celebrity do you have a crush on?
11. What past job did you enjoy the most?

And finally, the 11 Lucky People I choose to tag are...
1. Greg (ha, we'll see if I can get him to do this on here. After all this is a family blog, and I shouldn't be the only one posting)
2. Sariah
3. Jenn
4. Adrienne
5. Lisa
6. Becca
7. Crystal
8. Kristina
9. Martha
10. Becky
11. Rachel


Rie Pie said...

This is a great blog and I totally accept the challange! However, I may not be able to find 11 people to tag...since my blog remains basically unnoticed. :)

Lynette said...

Thanks for playing along! I like learning more about my friends... :) :)