Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve:We started our Christmas celebration with a Hess family party at Grandma Nancy's house. We ate lunchmeat & roll sandwiches, vegetables, chips and dip and apples with Skor dip. We had a white elephant exchange, and then exchanged real gifts to each other.
Then we headed to the Riding's home for a Nichols family party. We munched on a variety of appetizers (we brought clubhouse squares and more apples and Skor dip). The little boys (Braedon, Trevor, Davis, Palmer and Brody) all dressed in matching pajamas that Grandma Betty had made and then we had our gift exchange.

Christmas Day:Greg and I sang in the choir and in a double quartet during sacrament meeting. Sariah came to church with us and sat with the boys in the pews, she also spent the rest of Christmas Day with us at our home. We opened gifts after church since church was early, at 9:00 am, and our boys are young and didn't know better. It was good that we waited because they took a long time to open gifts. Each gift they opened they wanted to play with instead of moving on to another gift. Santa really spoiled us this year! Palmer's favorite gift this year was a Leapster. Brody's favorite gift was a golf caddy. Rie's favorite gift from Santa (I'm guessing from her reaction) was a Roald Dahl book set. My favorite gift was a Sillhouette Cameo (yay!) and Greg's favorite gift (which slightly pains me to say) was the complete Star Trek movie collection on Blu-ray. Rie and I made steak pie for dinner, a longtime going Nichols' family tradition. Sariah and Nancy joined us for dinner and then we ended the evening playing Xbox Kinect: Kinect Adventures and Dance Central 2 (another favorite gift of mine!).


Crystal said...

Jon thinks Greg's gift is awesome! lol

Parish & Becca said...

What a fun Christmas! You're so good at documenting the little details, you inspire me :)