Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treating and Other Halloween Fun

We have candy coming out of our ears at the Hess home! The boys brought in sugary sweets by the bagfuls this year. We definitely celebrated Halloween to its fullest by...

  • ...going to the Safety Fair at the local fitness center. We played a couple games and trick or treated around the facility.
  • ...trick or treating at Greg's work. The boys got so much candy there that they couldn't physically carry it out of the building and had to drag it in a bag behind them.
  • ...attending a Halloween party with Greg's coworkers, just Greg and I. Greg dressed up as a three hole version of himself (thank you Jim Halpert from The Office for the inspiration) and I was a Post-It note. We visited, played a lot of games and ate yummy food.
  • ...participating in the ward Chili Cook Off and trunk or treat. Aunt Andrea and cousins Amaya and Alyssa joined us for the fun.
  • ...trick or treating with Palmer's preschool class; his teacher kindly invited Brody to join them. After trick or treating, Palmer enjoyed a Halloween party with his preschool teachers and friends.
  • ...trick or treating Halloween night around Grandma Nancy's house in Daybreak. We also had a family dinner with Grandma and the Baarz/Terrillion family.
  • ...eating lots of candy, and possibly even more chili. We had chili Friday night at Greg's work party (our chili tied for first place at that cook off - I will post the recipe soon. It's delish!), Saturday night at the ward chili cook off, Sunday night as leftovers and Monday night at the Hess family dinner.

And here are our now very experienced, cute trick or treaters decked out in their pirate costumes.Thanks to our friends The Hepworths and The Christiansons for letting us use their previous costumes for our Halloween festivities this year. They boys loved being pirates and were often heared proudly exclaiming, "Arrrr!" in proper pirate fashion.


Parish & Becca said...

Wow! That is quite the Halloween celebration you guys did! I'm sad because our wards does not do a Halloween party at all...seriously, our ward stinks! Your boys are super cute though! Arrrrrr Matey :)

Rie Pie said...

So fun!! You guys were busy for the spooky season. :) I love that I was also a pirate, because if Brody and Palmer were pirates, that means it's cool.