Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Super Saturday Projects

I am over the upcoming Relief Society Super Saturday activity for our ward, and wanted to share our fun projects with my cyber friends. The activity is scheduled for November 12 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm at our ward building. Besides these projects, we are also offering two free classes: homemade bread in one hour and strawberry freezer jam (both recipes from our ward cookbook). Lunch (more recipes from the ward cookbook will be available to try) and nursery are provided. We are also doing a canned food drive for the Utah Food Bank. Everyone is welcome to attend! Orders and money are due to me by October 30 if anyone is interested in completing a project.

Christmas Gift Bags - Free! We should have 2-3 of these bags available per sister.

Wooden Nativity - $3.50. If ordering more than three of these cute nativities, we ask that you get in your money as soon as possible due to the amount of time they take to cut out.

Magnetic Weekly Dry Erase Menu - $3.50. These are personalized; let me know what you want it to read at the top, examples: "Hess Family," "Our Family," "Nancy's," etc.

Eye Spy Bag - $5.00. Each bag will include a card with objects for children to find and will be glued shut.

Hunter 27th Ward Cookbook - $6.00. 178 pages, over 360 recipes from the ward members. Printed and bound. We will offer an electronic version of the cookbook at the activity for free, but it you want a hard copy, it will be much cheaper to order it through us. Kinko's charged me $25.00 to print and bind my demo copy!

Quote Plaques - $6.00. Four quote options are available: "Family a gift that lasts forever," "With God all things are possible," "Love One Another," and "LOVE makes a house a home."


The King's said...

Super cute stuff! I love the I Spy bags. We've talked about doing those but never found an easy no sew one to do. I love this one though! I may just sign up for two!

*Marie* said...

I like the gift bags and the nativity. I'll have to decide how many nativities I want. When does the money for those need to be to you?

*Marie* said...

I will probably get 3-5. How long do they take to make, so I know how many I'll be able to do that day?

Lera said...

Marie - The nativities take 40 minutes to complete. We ask if you are doing 3 or more to get the money in as soon as possible since they take so long to cut out.

*mangum*fam* said...

Cute! I'm in the process of getting ideas for our Super Saturday...and those are such cute ideas! I might have to steal some! Where did you get your magnetic erase boards?

Lera said...

Emily - they aren't boards. They are vinyl pockets that you just slip a piece of paper in. They are called C-Line Magnetic Cubicle Keepers, and the best price I have found for them is at discoutofficesupplies.com.

Question98053 said...

Where did you get the template for the wood nativity or did you order them already cut