Monday, October 3, 2011

The Living Planet Aquarium

I signed up for a discount year pass to The Living Planet Aquarium for myself and the boys. We hadn't been yet, because most people I talked to had told me it wasn't that exciting, and not worth the money. We went for the first time this past Friday, and actually loved it! I thought for the small amount of money I paid ($18 for a year membership for Palmer and I and Brody is free) it was a great deal. We spent a couple hours there looking and exploring and had a wonderful time. The boys really loved the exhibit where you can touch the stingrays and other small sea animals. Palmer was a bit hesitant at first to touch, which surprised me because he usually has no fear. But once I touched each sea creature, he was excited to do so as well. It took about 20 minutes for him to actually get to touch a stingray because he is so small and could not reach to the bottom of the pool, but when he finally did, he was thrilled. Brody was happy to just play in the sink and lightly splash in the pools while I was helping Palmer. The boys, especially Palmer, were absolutely enthralled with the jellyfish. I think we spent another 20 minutes in that little room, watching the jelly fish swirl with the current and change colors. They also liked petting the Gecko that a worker had out, watching the penguins swim and play and looking at the big spiders and turtles and frogs (they definitely boys!). It was great fun, and we excited to make another visit soon! Anyone want to join us for a playdate at the aquarium?

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Rie Pie said...

These pics are so awesome!! I love how many fun adventures you take these little lambs on. :)