Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Dentist Visits

September has been dentist month for our family. Greg and I had appointments last week. Palmer and Brody went for their first dentist visits this week, and I have another appointment next week to get a couple cavities filled (which was no big surprise since it had been almost four years since I'd seen a dentist, and three of those years I was pregnant and/or nursing which is hard on teeth).

We went to see my childhood dentist, Dr. Maki. Greg and I have tried a few dentists under different insurances, and haven't had great experiences with them. So, when I realized our current insurance was accepted by my childhood dentist, I was very happy. And after going, I'm even happier. The whole office is so friendly and great to work with! Many of the staff members even remembered me and asked about my family.

The boys did fabulously at their dentist appointments. Both were happy and cooperated well. I knew Palmer would think it was fun, but I had doubts about Brody. At home, it is always a fight to get Brody's teeth brushed, but even he had a great time at the dentist and let them exam his teeth and polish them. The boys really liked the playhouse, the television in the ceiling, and the dental assistant giving them each a token for the toy vending machine. They can't wait to go again!


*Marie* said...

Great timing! lol Than has his first dentist apt this week. Not sure if we're going to make it, because of my work schedule. So if we don't, I'll be requesting the info for your dentist. I picked one out of a hat, and I'd prefer to have a personal referral. Sounds like you- and your boys- were really happy.

Rie Pie said...

Of course they would be happy at the dentist. They are soooo awesome.