Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sprinklers and Other Free Summer Fun

We have been enjoying our summer with a lot of fun free activities. One of which being playing in the sprinklers. Greg's been trying for months to get our sprinklers working properly, to no avail. Although Greg is quite frustrated with the situation, the boys sure are not, since Greg digging in the yard and testing the sprinklers have provided Palmer and Brody with some good quality play time.

I also take the boys to free lunch at the park just about any afternoon that I am able. If we aren't working, or don't have a play date planned with cousins/friends, you will find us dining at the local park. The boys love eating there. They have always been good eaters and happily eat the often not-so-appetizing food that is served, but more so they love to go to lunch at the park to picnic in the sunshine, visit with friends, and run around.

We also make frequent trips to other park playgrounds, to the play area at the fitness center, and to the library. I take the boys swimming about once a week. This summer they have swam at: the fitness center indoor pool, Pappy and Grandma Betty's clubhouse pool, The Daybreak Lake near Grandma Nancy's house, a ward member's hot tub, a family friend's private swimming pool, a few slip and slide parties during friends' barbeque's, and our own little blowup wading pool.

It's summertime, and the living is easy!


Rie Pie said...

:) I love these pics. Your blog is so wonderful. It's such a joy to read your posts. Heart you.

Aaliyah said...

So how's the summertime? Are your sprinklers all good? Hmm, just buy a new one so you won't have problems with the repairs. After all, it comes almost at the same price. Palmer and Brody look like twins. Are they? :D

-> Aaliyah Aldaco