Friday, September 2, 2011

So We Meet Again Terrible Twos

Yikes! My formerly-sweet baby boy Brody turns two next month, but apparently he has decided that's not soon enough since he has hit the terrible twos head on, hard. The past few weeks have been a maddening blur dealing with the tantrums, whining, stubbornness and wild behavior that comes along with this difficult parenting stage. Our two little boys embody all that is terrible of the terrible twos.

Palmer has definitely had better behavior since turning three, but still shows signs of terrible toddlerdom often. However, lately, Brody has been worse than I ever remember Palmer being. Although, that might not necessarily be the case, as I might have blocked out Palmer's poor behavior peak. My used to be sweet-cuddly baby boy is now quite a bully. He hits nonstop, he pulls other children's hair whenever he gets the chance and bites Greg and I several times a day. The biting I haven't dealt with before as Palmer was not a biter. The times we have responded physically to the biting with a flick or a bop on the mouth, he just laughs at us... the little stinker. He also is purposefully disobeying us, and he always does so with a huge smile plastered on is face. Needless to say, he has been spending a good chunk of his days in time out. And once he goes in time out, he stays in time out for a while, since most times when we check on him and ask him if he is ready to be good, he responds with a firm and matter of fact, "uh uh." Greg claims that he gets his stubbornness from me, but I don't know what he is talking about. ;)

I can now see why parents choose to put more than 17 months between their children. With us going the nontraditional route, and having our boys so close in age, we have had to deal with some not so fun events: two in diapers and now two terrible twos. I foresee a few more rough patches in the future: two rough-housing-ransacking preteen boys, two eat-everything-in-your-house teenage boys, two boys on a mission at the same time (*sob*), two college tuitions at the same time. Wow. It's almost enough to make a mother lose her mind... twice!


Rie Pie said...

Jeeze, this is a lot to deal with. It's a good thing that Brody is sooo cute. I hope that the craziness simmers down a bit for you. Love you guys!!

Lynette said...

Yes. :) My oldest was the tantrum-thrower from age 2 to...well, she sometimes still throws an occasional tantrum and she's almost 8! :) And, my first two are 15 months apart, but my second is a very calm kid. He never threw tantrums like his sister. He gets into trouble in different ways. :) And don't feel too badly about the diapers -- I had three in diapers for quite awhile. But you know what? My children are good friends and the plan is to teach them to be good friends with each other first. I'm actually jealous that they enjoy being with each other so much. I don't remember my older siblings enjoying having me around as a tag-along. Anyway, hang in there with the terrible years (I don't think it's just the two's) -- it DOES get better!!