Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sariah's Temple Day

My younger sister Sariah went through the temple (Jordan River) for her first time last Saturday. Everything about the day was beautiful! The temple was beautiful, the session was beautiful, and she looked beautiful. My older sister London was her escort (I was London's escort a couple years ago), and Dad, Betty, and Greg and I were in attendance. She also had a lot of good friends who came to support her. Sariah has been going through a lot of really difficult trials lately; she definitely has a need for the blessings of the temple at this time. I am so very proud of her and her choice to progress in our Heavenly Father's plan. How wonderful that all three of us sisters have now gone through the temple and have made sacred covenants with the Lord! I am so grateful to have a forever family.


*Marie* said...

Way to go, Sariah.

Lisa said...

way to go RIE, so proud of you. What an amazing thing. What a great blessing for you sisters to be able to go to the house of the Lord together. love ya

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

this is so awesome to see...congrates to all of you!!!
I miss you gals!

Rie Pie said...

Forever and ever!! love you Lera.