Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road Trip to Ely

I try to do anything possible to avoid traveling long distances with our children. They are not good travelers. But, we wanted to go see Greg's Dad Kelly, and it had been several months since we had attempted the road trip, so we decided to take on the challenge. We left Friday, June 10, in the afternoon after a long lunch in McDonald's playplace. Brody fell asleep and Palmer watched a movie. We stopped halfway at the Salt Flats. The trip there was a success, with only a little crying and wiggling to get out during the last half hour.

We had a great time hanging out with Grandpa Kelly over the weekend. We went to McDonalds again, fed ducks at the park, took the kids out fourwheeling, grilled steaks, ate yummy breakfasts cooked by Grandpa, got out the slip and slide and played poker after the kids went to bed.

The ride home wasn't as fun. We left early Sunday morning. The boys fought a lot during the first part of the drive. We stopped at the park in Wendover to get out some energy and ate at Burger King for lunch. Then we put on a movie for the boys, and hit the road again. Palmer kept saying he had to go potty, and we pulled over a couple times to find out he actually didn't need to go. And Brody threw up all over himself and the car, shortly after we got back on the road. We cleaned him up as best as we could, but the van still smelled like throw up for the duration of the trip. The four hour drive ended up lasting six very long hours.

So thanks to Grandpa Kelly for the great fun. I'm sure in another six months or so, we'll forget about the rough return trip and find ourselves once again on the road to Ely.

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