Monday, June 20, 2011

Love Bites and More

Brody is such a little lover. He gives out about 100 kisses a day. He kisses any picture of an animal. He kisses his momma and dada and brother on the lips and anywhere else he can get to. He usually makes a big, "mwah" sound when kissing someone or something he loves. When we took him the Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point, we couldn't stop him from kissing every animal he came across right on the mouth. Pretty gross, I know. Every once in a while he even gives soft little bites to show his love. A few times he has chomped a bit too hard and caused an unsuspecting Momma or Dada to yell out in pain. In these circumstances, Brody has responded with devastated crocodile tears. We comfort him and tell him to be soft, and give him kisses right back... the gentle, non-biting kind.

He loves anything that is soft and cuddly and whenever he meets such an item he buries himself in it, mauls it, crushes it against his body, or shoves it in his mouth. You could say his love is a tad intense. He has a couple stuffed animals that he adores; you can be sure to find them in his arms, snuggled up against his chest or head, or stuffed into his mouth whenever he is put to bed. He usually pulls them out of his bed with him as well, in the same manner.

We just treasure our loving, kissing, and even sometimes biting little guy. I hope he is always able to show his great love so freely.


The Hendricks Family said...

He is such a cutie! Riley has been found to bit once in a while but not in such a sweet manner! haha

Rie Pie said...

I love this post and the pic! My little Brody...