Monday, July 25, 2011

Hess Signature Goodnight Kisses

Distraction and bribery are my two most often used parenting tools. However, the older my kids get, the more creative I need to be with these tools. Gone are the days that I can shake my car keys in front of their faces to stop them from crying.

Palmer is a pro at delaying bedtime. He knows how to draw out every part of this bedtime routine, and every once in a while will out right refuse to go to bed. Unfortunately, our go-to parenting tools of distraction and bribery aren't always beneficial at bedtime, since often they involve adding a new activity or treat, which thereby delays Palmer's bedtime even more.

Palmer's goodnight kiss, thanks to his talent at drawing out the routine, has become multiple kisses: one on each side of the cheek, one one the lips and an Eskimo kiss, or in Palmer's words a "nose kiss."

We've also invented other kisses during some difficult bedtimes. Such as the dinosaur kiss, one of Palmer's favorite kisses. A dinosaur kiss involves Greg or I giving Palmer a kiss while growling like a dinosaur.

One night, when Palmer was throwing a fit about going to sleep, I told him once he calmed himself down, that Daddy had a very special, surprise kiss for him. I really talked it up, and Palmer took the bribery bait, calmed down and said he was ready for bed. I then watched Greg slowly walk to Palmer's bed with a perplexed look, trying to muster up some fun kiss his son would enjoy. Greg gave Palmer the usual kisses one on each cheek, one on the lips, a "nose kiss," and then emphatically exclaimed, "Butt kiss!" and shoved his behind in Palmer's face. I suppose that's what a get for putting a Dad of little boys on the spot. Palmer of course, loved it and was happily giggling as we closed his bedroom door for the night.


Crystal said...

so cute!

Rie Pie said...

I'm so glad Greg doesn't put me to bed. hahaha!! I love little Palmer and his nose kisses.

Lisa said...

This made me laugh out loud. My 3-year-old (who fights bedtime as hard as he possibly can) would think a "butt kiss" was the funniest thing on earth. And then he'd repeat it for half an hour, delaying bedtime still more. LOL Gotta love boys!