Thursday, June 9, 2011

Greg's New Calling

Greg was called to the Elder's Quorum Presidency this past Sunday to serve as the second councilor. This is his third calling; he is also the second councilor in the Sunday School Presidency and a Cub Scout Den leader. He is a good man, and his work is obviously needed in our ward.

I had a realization this past week. I myself, have always had no problem taking on positions of responsibility. In fact, I like to be in charge, to make sure everything and everyone is accounted for. I feel for the most part, leadership, is a good niche for me. I am comfortable being involved and I am an organized person. I try to seek out such opportunities, not only because it makes me happy, but also because I have received a very special priesthood blessing which told me I am to do so.

I was invited into Priesthood to witness Greg being set apart. Among many blessings given to Greg, the member of the stake high council blessed me to be a support to my husband. He blessed me with understanding for the times to come when Greg would have to sacrifice time with our family in order to fulfill his calling.

After Greg was set apart I went onto Relief Society, where a lesson on keeping the commandments was in progress. It was during this lesson that I had the impression that what the Lord is asking of me at this time in my life is to support my husband in his roles of responsibility. I rarely have an issue giving of my time, talents and efforts to the Lord and to others. However, when it comes to Greg's time, I struggle being as giving. I feel the kids and I don't see him too often as it is. The time that he does have, I want for us. I've never told him not to accept a calling or to stay home instead of serving. But, there have been instances that I have begrudged the time he spends away from our family. I am sure that, even though these negative feelings weren't voiced, Greg could sense them. The children could probably sense them. And I know that they have surely affected me. On Sunday, I realized these feelings I have had are not in accordance with Heavenly Father's commandments, and that I needed to soften my heart.

I suspect that much will be required of my husband in the future. He is a righteous, worthy man, the sort of man that is a rarity in our world today. And because much will be required of him, certain things must be required of me. Not things I had in mind. Not things I have been preparing myself for. Not things that come easily to me. But important things nonetheless. Important things the Lord expects from me and is teaching me to understand and accept.

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claire said...

Congratulations to Greg. Lera each of us has OUR time when the Lord needs us most. It is important for you now to assist and support Greg. You will still be needed in the important things that you do with your husband, boys and even the church. You are a wonderful lady. Enjoy