Monday, May 2, 2011

Three Years Old

Palmer is three today! He is such an energetic, fun, intelligent boy. His behavior has been getting better in regards to the tantrums and defiance associated with the "terrible twos," and he hasn't been as sensitive as he once was. And at times he can even sit and be still. He has been more aggressive recently and has been know to hit and push, and gets put in time out at least once a day for his aggressive acts. However, he is also very loving and gives hugs and kisses and holds hands with his family and friends. He often tells us, "You make me happy," and when he is concerned that we are upset with him asks, "I make you happy?" He continues to be very active and wants to learn. He is a smart little boy and picks up on things quickly. We just love our little Palmer boy; he surely makes life a great adventure! This is what's going on with Palmer at three years old.

He has learned: to use the potty, many little songs (his favorites include: Old MacDonald Had a Farm, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Family Night and Once There Was a Snowman), all his colors, to use a mouse and play games on the computer, to do a somersault, to talk on the phone, and continues to learn new words and concepts each and everyday.

He likes: Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse and Curious George, fruit snacks, juice, pretzels, strawberries and any other fruit, candy, playing outside, blowing bubbles, board games, play dough, playing with friends, playing toddler games on the computer, coloring with markers and using his safety scissors, play places and park equipment, running around, reading books, puzzles, and swimming.

He dislikes: going to bed at night and naptime, most sandwiches, pepperoni, being ignored, being alone, and staying home all day.

Things he does that makes us laugh: Says clever and funny things daily (see here, here and here for the latest), get within an inch of a person's face when he wants to have a serious conversation, cute and very enthusiastic dance moves, huge smiles, and big laughs and giggles.

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Rie Pie said...

I love this picture so much!! I want a copy. :) Happy b-day Palmer!!