Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Storytime Stories

We are big fans of the library. Not a day goes by that we don't have a stack of library books on our book shelf. This is especially the case with children's books, since our boys love to be read to, and can practically recite any of the books we own by heart. Thankfully, the library offers us a way to keep storytime fresh and exciting without breaking the bank.

Brody loves any touchy feely books, especially the That's Not My Dinosaur/Teddy/Train/etc. series. Any page that has a plush accent on it goes directly to his mouth for some kissing and gnawing. He is also a fan of pop up books or any book that lights up or makes a noise. He's getting pretty busy at this age, and if the book doesn't have much more to offer besides words and pictures, he loses interest quickly.

Palmer has many favorite books, which lately include: the Llama Llama series, Peek-A-Zoo/Peek-a-Moo/Peek-a-Bloom/etc., I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Spot Books, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See as well as any other Eric Carle book.

A little while ago I had checked out Paul Stickland's Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. It's a cute little book detailing the escapades of ten dinosaurs that eventually dwindle down to one. The first night I read it to Palmer I was quite sleepy and when we got to the part in the story where all the dinosaurs eat so much that one almost "popped," I read "pooped." I even stopped myself and reread the word thinking that pooped was a little graphic for a children's book, but in my tired mind, I once again saw the word pooped, and so that is what I said. Of course he was instantly drawn to this little detail and to this day Palmer will emphatically insist the dinosaur pooped and not popped when anyone reads him Ten Terrible Dinosaurs.

Palmer also loves any books by Todd Parr, especially The Daddy Book. And he really loves when Daddy reads him The Daddy Book. This story is about how all dads are different (some daddys have long hair, some daddys have no hair, some daddys like to take naps with you, some daddys like to play ball with you, some daddys work far away, some daddys work at home, etc.) and wraps it all up by iterating that all dads love their kids and want them to be who they are. Very cute. One night while Greg was giving this book a go, I asked him what daddy he was. He replied, "I'm the daddy who works far away, and from home." Sad, but true. Greg has been working 60-75 hour weeks (in the office and from home), and at times it surely can wear on our family.

Thank goodness for storytimes and other precious little moments when we get the chance to cuddle up with our sweet, sweet little boys and lose ourselves in a fun, silly, fanciful world. Soon enough they'll be reading comic books and Goosebumps and I will yearn for the day when they happily plopped on my lap toting a thick board book copy of Go, Dogs, Go.

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The Hendricks Family said...

We haven't been to the library forever but this sure make me want to! Oh and i love the pics of the boys. What studs!!!