Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Only You...

...pat your hands on your knees when we first get in the car, as Little Einsteins do to start their rocket.

...have to put anything soft or fluffy directly into your mouth, especially your stuffed animals.

...head butt people when you want to cuddle with them.

...say four two-word phrases: thank you, Veggie Tales and cheese ball and ewww gross.

...would be physically attached to your momma at all times if possible. Elmo "Lala" because of his theme song.

...pant like a puppy.

...walked on your knees until you were 16 months old.

...find absolute joy in tearing toilet paper into tiny little shreads.

...refer to any beverage that is not in a sippy cup as pop.

...have pooped out a penny.

...hold telephones to the back of your head to say hello.

...are so sweet and loving that you feel empathy for your brother when he gets in trouble for hitting you.

...take not only three stuffed animals to bed with you, but also your toothbrush and often a remote control.

...are so accident prone, that you broke your back before you were even a year old. to play with wires, whether an extension cord, plug or a USB wire; they are your favorite toys.

...will snuggle with your cousins' enormous dog even after he has knocked you over and given you a bloody lip.

...will choose to eat every last crumb in your bag of chips before joining your family for a swim in a pool on a hot summer day (picture shown above).


Rie Pie said...

This is by far my favorite pic of Brody. I love him dearly. :) I was giggling while reading his little qualities. He really is growing up fast.

Brian_n_Amy said...

That is too cute! He's such a cute, funny little boy! Both your kids are so funny.