Monday, May 2, 2011

Monkey Business

We threw a Curious George party for Palmer's third birthday. We always call Palmer our little monkey because he is always climbing, swinging and basically monkeying around all the time. He also loves Curious George. We had mostly family over for the event as well as a few close friends of the family. We served sub sandwiches, various salads, chips and soda pop. We had a Schmidts cake decorated by Aunt Andrea and banana splits for dessert. All the kids spent time monkeying about on our new swing set. We played "hot banana" (a.k.a. hot potato). Palmer opened a bunch of wonderful presents including: play dough sets, puzzles, a Curious George blanket, pillow and pajama set, a few games, a sprinkler toy, a bubble fan, a couple movies, and a tricycle. He sure is loved, and spoiled well! Thanks to those who joined in our celebration for Palmer. He had a perfectly, wonderful birthday!

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