Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Can Sew

...sort of. Well, I'm certainly learning to do so. Greg gave me a sewing machine last Christmas. I've always wanted to learn and knew I never would unless I had a machine to practice on. Which turned out to be true. Now that I have one, I've realized the learning is slow going, at least in my case. The world of sewing is full of so many supplies, and techniques that I have never before encountered. And the jargon is like a foreign language to me. However, with the help of my savvy seamstress friends, I am learning something new with every project I work on. One day I hope to pick up a set of sewing instructions and know exactly what they mean and how to carry them out. Oh, and one day I won't have a possessed machine. Seriously, anything that can go wrong with my sewing machine does. I have to troubleshoot is just about everytime I use it. This is what I and my Singer have been doing the past few months.

Churn Dash Quilting Block

Curtains for Our Bedroom

Crayon Rolls (I've made several of these for birthday gifts)

Pajama Pants for Palmer

Flowered hairpiece made for London's Tea Party

Superhero Capes for Brody and Palmer

Tie for Greg


Chris, Kristina, Nathan and Audrey... said...

You're doing great! And I didn't know you were making a tie! WOW!! That's one I have yet to tackle. One day maybe. :)

Lera said...

The tie was pretty quick and easy Kristina, and it looks great, just like store bought. I plan to make many more. And as a bonus, they are washable!!!

Jenn said...

Wow! I am super impressed! You have done a lot!!! Way to go!!! Love love love the capes and tie

The King's said...

Wow! I'm way impressed if you've never sewn before. I have a machine in my basement I got about 4 years ago. There it sits *crickets* I should get it out!

Brian_n_Amy said...

NICE! I may have to have you come and teach me! :) Way to go Lera! That is so awesome! They look fantastic!