Monday, May 9, 2011

18 Month and Three Year Photo Shoot

We took the boys to JC Penney to get Brody's 18 month photos and Palmer's three year photos. The boys actually did pretty well sitting still and I think the pictures are really cute. The photographer did try one last fun shot of the two of them and within seconds of posing them, they both had jumped up and were running around the room. That's when we knew we were done. :) However, the photo shoot only last fifteen minutes and during that time we were able to get almost 20 good shots. This is just one of the many reasons I love JC Penney Portrait Studio. These rambunctious little boys are just too busy to sit through an hour or so of photographing.

I so love the shots of the two of them together; they love each other so much and it shows. My favorite is the one of them both lying on the floor and the last close up of them smiling big.

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Haley said...

Though I rarely comment, I'm always reading. And I couldn't help but comment today on how dang stinkin' cute your little boys are!