Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fortune Aligns

A couple nights ago Greg and I spent about 20 minutes searching for the Bluray player remote, to no avail. We suspect the culprit of the lost remote to be Brody, who has a fascination for all things electronic and often relocates them. We gave up and sat down to watch some television. Greg grabbed a couple fortune cookies (we currently have a plethora of fortune cookies thanks to a work prank wherein his coworkers filled his desk drawers with all the remaining condiments from a company catered Chinese meal) for a snack and received the following fortune:

Nice to know that fortune is smiling upon us, and that we will once again see our remote. However, I really hope it does not take a month to find it!


Chris, Kristina, Nathan and Audrey... said...


sweet nectar sara said...

too funny!

Gram LJ said...

Hi there from us Johnson's in Oregon.
Found your blog on Crystal's blog and wanted to see your family.. :)
Enjoyed all your photos and sharing your lives here.
Miss ya ... Love Ya