Thursday, March 3, 2011

Palmer Thoughts

After an evening playing with his good friend Chloe...

Palmer: I play with Chloe
Mom: Did you have so much fun?
Palmer: Yeah!
Mom: Is Chloe your best friend?
Palmer: No.
Mom: Is Kathryn your best friend?
Palmer: No.
Mom: Oh, I know, Davis must be your best friend.
Palmer: Nope.
Mom: Who is your best friend then?
Palmer: Elmo.

As we pass by our church on a walk...

Mom: Palmer, what do you see over there?
Palmer (pointing to the building): Church!
Mom: Yep, that's our church.
Palmer: We go to church today?
Mom: Not today, but we will in a few days.
(Palmer nods)
Mom: We go to church to learn about Jesus.
Palmer: Yeah, and to eat fruit snacks.

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