Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Safety Scissors and Cake Overload

My little monkeys, otherwise known as Palmer and Brody, sure do know how to keep me on my toes. Motherhood proves to be such a roller coaster ride. I spend the majority of the day amid a jumble of emotions. One moment I am laughing enthusiastically at their silly antics, and the next moment yelling out in frustration. One moment I want to hug and kiss them all over, and only a moment later I find myself wanting to wring their little necks. Parenthood surely stretches individuals to the limits of their love, as well as their patience. The past few days proved to be nothing sort of the wild ride I have come to expect in raising these sweet, silly, energetic, and curious little boys.

This is the work of Palmer and his safety scissors this past Sunday morning. Needless to say, the scissors are in time out for a long time. And Tuesday night he got a Bandaid stuck in his hair that we had to cut out. So he is currently not only sporting one old man balding spot, but two. Thankfully, Auntie Rie was already scheduled to give us all haircuts this coming Wednesday.

This one is the work of Brody and a piece of Pappy's leftover birthday cake just before naptime Monday afternoon. He has recently gone to only one nap a day, and every once in a while it, along with the help of a major sugar crash, catches up to him.


Crystal said...

good thing little boys hair grows fast! and they look awesome with short hair! I know what you mean about the crazyness of being a parent, it's so hard and somehow we still love these little monsters soooooo much!

Adrienne said...

So glad I am not the only one who feels this way. I oftem think its just me!

Jenn said...

i think every kid ends up cutting their own hair!!! I am just waiting for Maddie to do it! Sammy has done it twice and luckily it was barely salvageable each time. Silly kids!!