Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheaper than Disneyland

We had a difficult time trying to decide what to spend our tax refund on. Of course, there is always the frontrunner... debt. We also considered new windows for the house (my number one choice after debt, our electric bill is outrageous due to bad insulation), replacing our furnace (which goes out several times a week in the winter), a new mattress (Greg's number one choice since we both wake up in pain), a swing set for the kids, or a vacation. Since we couldn't come to a consensus, the money went to paying off debt. Which is great because we now have completely paid off Brody's hospital bill from when he fractured his spine, and have once again saved up our emergency fund and are back on the second step of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Good stuff for sure.

We did splurge on one outing with the money - Disney on Ice. Everytime it comes to Salt Lake we plan to go since Palmer is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, but we always seemed to have other plans or to be short on money at the time. We decided Disney on Ice would be a lot of fun for the kids and thanks to Freebies2Deals and a Kraft Singles wrapper I was able to score the tickets for half price.

Last weekend's Disney on Ice was about celebrations, and what kid doesn't love to party? Palmer was absolutely overjoyed. He watched the whole show with fascination, and laughed, booed and clapped when appropriate. Anytime Mickey was not on the ice, he was asking Greg and I, with true concern, where he was, and everytime Mickey came back on the ice, Palmer's face lit up with a huge smile. He was adorable! Brody on the otherhand was a pistol and refused to sit still on the Trax ride or during the show. The only way to keep him somewhat contained was to feed him, so feed him we did. During the first part of the performance he ate the Lunchable I packed and during intermission we purchased some kettle corn for him to munch on during the second half.

All in all, it was a pretty great outing. Hopefully, in a few years that tax refund can be used towards a Disney trip, but until then, Palmer got to see Mickey Mouse for $50 (totaled from three show tickets, two Trax tickets and a bag of popcorn), instead of $500+, and that is surely good by me.

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Annie said...

Paying off debt is the BEST! I can't wait for our refund so that we can get it back in our emergency fund and not go in to debt for our every continuing medical bills! :)