Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Only You...

...prefer to sleep under your bed instead of on it.

...eat all your fruits and vegetables before even touching anything else on your plate.

...like to color with a white crayon.

...give four kisses before bed: one on each cheek, one on the lips and then finish with an Eskimo kiss.

...have to get within one inch of a person's face when having a conversation.

...when asked if you will be good, will honestly answer no when you know you will not.

...get so wound up and hyper that you literally bounce off walls.

...tell everyone you meet that your mom is afraid of spiders.

...can scale our kitchen counters.

...find comfort in sucking your thumb while twirling the hair atop your head.

...can make me want to laugh, cry, scream, and hug you all within a few minutes time.

...live and breathe Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George.

...make friends everywhere you go.

...when told it's time to take a nap, respond with an enthusiastic, "I wake up!"

...sing "shake your boo bet" to the song "Shake Your Groove Thing."

...want a band aid put on your hair when you bump the top of your head.

...are creative, funny, and smart enough to have the following conversation:

Dad: Palmer, where do you get all your energy?
Palmer: From Christmas.
Dad: Oh, maybe I should ask Santa for energy this year.
Palmer: No, you get pants.


Crystal said...

How fun! what a smart little guy! Hey nice blog! It's so amazing how fast and how much you can learn about people just by reading a couple of pages of there blog! Awesomeness

Jenn said...

he says really funny things!!! what a fun boy! i can't wait for mine!

Rie Pie said...

Palmer is amazing. case closed.