Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love, Marriage and Relationships Panel Questions

Greg and I were asked to be on a panel for last night's Love, Marriage and Relationships Relief Society Activity. We both had a lot of fun and I was once again reminded just how wonderful my eternal companion is. I thought I'd record some of the questions asked and our responses.

How did you meet?
On Greg's first week in the singles ward, my father spoke during sacrament meeting. Greg talked to him in the parking lot afterwards. My mother was in the car, hot and impatient, and invited him over to the house to met her "two beautiful daughters."

Who does the bills in your family? Is one of you better at budgeting than the other?
We both sit down together each payday and budget out all our money. After paying bills, and budgeting an amount of money for groceries, entertainment and any other upcoming expenses, all remaining money goes to paying off debt. We are a cash only family. Once our budgeted cash is gone, we stop spending money. We both have stronger moments and weaker moments and help each other stay the course of our predetermined budget.

When you disagree, do you talk things out, fight it out, or go silent?
Greg will not fight; it is not in his personality. Sometimes I go silent if my feelings are really hurt, but we eventually talk out our problems.

Would you say you’re a good listener?
We both admit to being poor listeners (me especially when Greg is talking about computers), but are trying to be better.

What is your spouse’s love language?
Greg's is physical touch and mine is acts of service.

Did you talk things out to see if you were on the same page regarding kids, etc. before getting married?
We did talk about children. I wanted six, Greg wanted two or three. He was overwhelmed by the amount that I wanted at the time. After we had our first child, I said I wanted two or three, and he said he wanted as many as we could have. Haha! Currently, we have no set number and plan to continue adding to our family until it feels right.

What has been one of your hardest trials while married and how did you get through it?
We talked about job and money troubles. We pray through our trials, and just try to do the best we can to get through them. Looking back on them, they never seem as bad as they did while in the midst of them. Trial teach us so much; we wouldn't change them if we could.

What is one thing you have done to keep the spark alive in your marriage?
We make dating a priority and try to do so once a week.

What are some of your differences and have you come to love them in each other?
I am often high-strung, overly organized and a bit anal about things. Greg is really laid-back and sometimes not extremely motivated. We balance each other out well.

How has having children changed you?
Having children has made us less selfish. Everything we do, we do it for the good of our family, not just for ourselves.

What do you love most about your spouse?
I love what an all-around good guy Greg is. He is kind, sweet, patient, funny, and a worthy priesthood holder. He is genuine, and that is what initially attracted me to him. Greg said I am his best friend and the person he wants to be with always. He also said he loves that I am a good mother.


Aubrie said...

I loved this last night.I told Celeste when we were done, I wish I had taken notes because I really did learn a lot. There were a few key things I took away and came home and discussed with Ron to help our relationship. I had a really great time, and my face hurt from laughing so much! Thanks for being on the panel Lera, you and Greg are so sweet together :o)

The King's said...

I thought that sounded really nice. It's funny how our ideas are kind of similar which just means great minds think alike! We didn't have a huge turnout to ours but it was still fun.