Monday, February 21, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Our ward's Relief Society birthday celebration is scheduled for next month. My committee and I are in the process of planning a fun cake themed (because if you know me, you know there needs to be a theme) night. It's entitled Let Them Eat Cake; thank you Marie Antoinette. The sisters are invited to eat cake (we will be serving dinner and birthday cake), take the cake (we are having a service auction where the sisters can show off their talents), make life a piece of cake (sisters can bid on others' services to make life easier) and a chance to win homemade cake for a year (my offering of service in the auction). I made up these cute posters on Saturday.

If you are planning on attending the date is the 16th not the 15th. I was kindly notified of my goof on the date after hanging them up at church. Yep, that's me... spent about three hours crafting the posters only to put the wrong date on them. I have since changed the posters hanging up at church to the correct day.


The King's said...

Cute! And you are on the ball! I guess I better get ours designed - whoops! We are doing a Happy Un-Birthday theme. Perhaps our leader should call a meeting since I think ours is the 15th!

The King's said...

Oh, leave it the 15th and then you all can just come to ours, ya know, combine them for fun! We should do that sometime for reals though.