Friday, February 25, 2011

Graveyard Grind

Greg started working the graveyard shift this week. It has been rough. I am not liking it at all, neither is he. Thankfully, he should only have to work such a shift for the next 4-5 weeks.

I am a routine person. My kids wake up and go down for naps at a certain time everyday. We eat at a certain time. I workout during a certain time. I even have scheduled times for one on one play with the kids. My life works well following a schedule. Greg working nights has pulverized that said schedule.

I am slowly catching on that I need to shift things around to keep our life as a family working. This week I realized we need to eat dinner earlier, and I need to workout in the evening instead of afternoon. My errands should be run in the morning so that the house is quiet enough for Greg to sleep. Greg and my alone time will be during the boys' afternoon nap instead of after they go to bed in the evening, and my cleaning time will now have to be after the boy's bedtime. I need to start bedtime much earlier since I am doing it on my own, and so on and so forth.

Just a couple problems with my newly devised routine... it's just not working. I volunteered to bring two meals to families in our ward this week. I usually love doing so, but it turned out to be really stressful. I didn't think that we would have to eat our dinner an hour before the other families and therefore I would need to keep it all warm without overcooking it. I also didn't think that I would have to deliver the meals with my two kids in tow and therefore have to leave the boys in the car when dropping off the food, because I cannot hold on to two kids and three dishes of food simultaneously. I am too tired at the end of the day after putting the boys to bed to clean house. I just don't have it in me to scrub floors when at a time when I am used to relaxing and winding down with my hubby. Greg is supposed to be working four 10 hour shifts. Since starting graves he has worked a 12 hour, a 14 1/2 hour and a 16 hour shift. He is coming home later and later and while my plans to be out of the house are not falling into the place, the boys' rambunctiousness continuously wakes him from his desperately needed sleep.

I'm hoping it will get better. As of right now, I cannot find a way for any sort of regularity to continue on. I think I might just have to power through these next several weeks. Any advice from those who have had to meld family life and the graveyard shift together is greatly appreciated.


The King's said...

Although hubby doesn't work a graveyard shift, I have my routine tossed about regularly with him home for 4-5 days then gone then home then gone. I really do get in a routine when he's gone because I am doing it by myself and then when he comes home it kind of goes out the window. I used to be a real schedule type person as well - I thrive on organization. Now it's just organized chaos at times! I just try to keep the kids as routined as possible. Seems if I keep on their schedule with regularity, everything falls into place but you do have to let certain things go. My house is never as clean as it used to be but I've learned to adapt and roll with it. I think if you just power through like you said for the short term you'll be fine. If certain things lapse a little oh well. Family is the most important thing anyway. Wow, that was a ramble :)

Adrienne said...

Hang in there that is tough!!!

Becky said...

I feel all sorts of inspired by your post. I realize you feel like it's not working and that you're tired and you are ready for the way things were. But as I read I just thought about how lucky your boys are to have you. I think more families need routines like this. I guess my only advice would be, like you said, to power through these weeks. You're an excellent mom and you'll be blessed for all these efforts, even when you feel like they're in vain. I've got some things to learn from you about the power of a schedule! PS, a happy mom is more important than a clean house.